Hey everyone, doing a CBD Skunk Haze today, this one is by Tweed, sold under the brand they call Tweed, and they call this listing Penelope.

Let’s just cut to the chase right off the bat, I’ve reviewed the Tantalus’ Skunk Haze, it has a similar cannabinoid profile and was formidable quality. There’s also the Canna Farms version, which I haven’t tried yet. Is Tweed’s version going to be as good? If you’ve read one of my Tweed reviews, you probably already know the answer. If this is your first time reading one of my reviews, welcome, we’re going to find out.

Checking the competitive scape for Skunk Haze first (dried flower, no pre-rolls), Tweed dominates here, big time; most of the listings placed in the market are theirs. Below, I’ve shown web stores listing Skunk Haze (or CBD Skunk Haze) and the average per gram prices for each.

Looks like we also have Delta 9 in there, who knew?

Now that we’re familiar with Penelope’s market placement, let’s get into the specifics of this offering.

I grabbed this one from the Alberta Cannabis online store, it’s where I buy most of my stuff, until Lake City Cannabis get’s their stock.

Skunk Haze is a 1:1 cannabis chemotype, Tweed’s version typically makes more THC than CBD. The listing I purchased claimed an active content range of 5-15% THC and 3-13% CBD. My package arrived in the middle of the range, 10% THC and 7% CBD. For a CBD cultivar, this is actually a higher level of content for a CBD dominant offering (~2% higher).

The vendor describes this as a ‘well balanced hybrid’ with ‘piney aroma’ and ‘citrus fruit’. I’m with that.

Alpha/Beta Pinene encompasses half (50%) of total terpenes. Myrcene makes up a quarter (23%) and caryophyllene is third in line for dominance (15%). Other terpenes make up the remaining 12%.

Tweed produced Penelope in Ontario, in a warehouse. They packaged my specific container April 29th of 2019. And here I am, writing this review, a short 66 days later.

Let’s have a look.

Visually, Penelope doesn’t disappoint. I bought a one gram package, so I dont expect to see anything fantastic, but the small buds I received actually look well taken care of. Every crumb has been trimmed, there’s not one bit of leaf. Again, the visuals don’t wow, but it’s obvious someone did the work to make it the best it could be.

By touch, it’s dry, same old Tweed story here. I’d tell you I’m starting to observe a rigid stickiness with CBD containing offerings, I observed better structure than usual on this Penelope. Still, it can be crushed by hand, but you really have to want it.

Grinds to a drier dust, seed content is observable but not outside of the regular range, I’d say.

Scents are not epic caliber, just there. I’d tell you the mycrene earths are most evident but there’s not much content here, you have to use your imagination.

Flavours are light with adequate presence. Mostly earth tones. There’s a composition here, it’s not orchestrated with grandeur, but it has a nice little melody.

Pronunciation is acceptable, at first. The tastes drop off quickly, so longevity is poor. Its like a cute little lemon-aide stand in your neighbourhood. There’s noting fancy going on, but good enough to be polite for a few sips. Then, when they tell you the price, you spit it back out.

Price on this single gram is $12.50 in Alberta, probably around $10 nationally (I didn’t check). If you’re looking for value in a 1:1, look to Aphria’s Solei Balance or Maricann’s Cali-O. If you were hoping I was going to call this a CBD dominant offering at rip-off prices, check out the $15.00 Zenabis Daytime CBD. If you absolutely must have Skunk Haze, check out the Tantalus version– by content, quality and taste, it’s a bit different, but I’d bet you like it better.

Penelope by Tweed. Tweed reviews are easy to write, done 14 of them by now. Excusably poor quality, at inexcusable prices, sprawling throughout Canada’s cannabis market.

Check you later on the next one, thanks for reading my work.

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