Hey, thanks for reading today’s review of a CBD Skunk Haze, this particular one is by Boaz.

This review I did on a request.

Bought this one at Lake City Cannabis.

Buyer motivation for this specific cultivar: it was the only other choice available besides White Russian.

The numbers are low on this high priced CBD Skunk Haze, which are just measures, not differentiators or indicators. Checked terpene numbers for this offering on Boaz’s website, we’re looking at less than half a percent by total mass. Thats fine, there are other aromatic compounds involved in odour that aren’t captured by cannabinoid or terpene testing. Based on the criteria I review on, it leaves a wide degree of interpretation.

After seeing the quality, I wouldn’t go out on a limb and say it will meet expectations. You can see overpriced cannabis with immature seeds pockmarked throughout, this is the first one I’ve seen that says ‘handcrafted’ on the label.

From the perspective of my reviews, Tantalus Labs sets the example for premium Skunk Haze. The Boaz offering falls short on from both a quantitative and qualitative (I’d argue) standpoint, which is why I have no problem relating the poor value here. In the competitive fray of CBD Skunk Hazes, I saw similar quality from Tweed’s Penelope for less money.

I chose to argue the review below from a competitive standpoint, with respect to other CBD Skunk Hazes, and even suggested one ought not care about CBD Skunk Haze. Which is a snobby thing to say and in retrospect, may show lack of foresight. These balanced chemotypes are incredibly valuable, especially to new consumers, and there is little evidence to suggest a lower content is ‘worse’. But I won’t use that to rationalize a $50 eighth. I also see the advantage of the using less flower in higher concentrated form to achieve the same dosage. Especially at this price point.

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