Hey everyone, pancake here, with a CBD Kush. Don’t get excited, this one is from Acreage Pharms.

That was a mean thing I just said, but it’s nothing personal. This is my 7th review of Acreage’s stuff, and the vast majority has been disappointing quality. At an average price of $12.70 per gram, Acreage presents a value proposition that begs you to consider another grower. Come on, in my province Broken Coast is 18% more ($2.25). You can step down in price to an array of other providers, and expect more reliable quality.

But hey, thats just my opinion, man, you have to make the decision yourself. Please consider that, while I figure out how to create an interesting review on this product.

Since 2016, I count 5 producers who have ever stocked a CBD Kush; Acreage Pharms Broken Coast, CannaFarms, Delta 9 and Tweed. I see average content at 7% THC and 9% CBD. Historical average is $8.53 per gram, and the price on AP’s CBD Kush is $12.99 per gram.

CBD Kush could refer to a specific cultivar, or it could be a general term used by the producer. I’m not sure. The one possibility I’d like to note is Dutch Passion’s CBD Kush, it’s the product of an OG Kush, Trainwreck cross, with a CBD Crew cultivar called Quimiotipo CBD. I mention it on this Acreage Pharms review because I suspect they also use another cultivar from Dutch Passion, Outlaw Amnesia, or as they call it: OA.

Let’s walk through this specific listing.

Acreage calls this offering a ‘true hybrid’, which ‘brings the mind and body together’ for a ‘balanced experience’. The description is general, but I think that’s appropriate, I tend to think your experience is what you make it to be.

Dominant terpene is myrcene, ranking in at 25% of all terpenes. Pinene (15%) and limonene (10%) make up the rest of the composition. Other terpenes occupy the remaining 50% of the content, we need actual amounts here people!

Cannabinoid content shown via the listing is 6-14%THC and 8-14% CBD, what arrived was 6.38% THC and 9.06% CBD. Which is below the average for content, but when you look at only CBD dominant offerings, ~15% average total cannabinoid content is about average.

AP grew this expensive cannabis in a ‘specialty indoor facility’ in the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains, in Alberta Canada. They poured this slurry of cannabis particles in a sad bag April 17 2019, and my disappointment is brimming 79 days later for this review.

Alright, let’s get it over with.

Visuals are rather insulting for $13 per gram cannabis. The THC BioMed product I purchased for $6 and change beats it twice over. Buds are loose and scant. I received two larger buds that look 300mg each, the rest is shake <1mm in diameter.

The buds are loose. Touching it, they are is closer to adequate than it is to totally dry, there is a bit of internal give to speak of here and, a slight pinch doesn’t disintegrate the loose buds.

Grinds are more than adequate, the moisture content is observable. Doesn’t bust to dust, instead the granules demonstrate a hint of cohesion. With the naked eye, I have trouble spotting any negatives within the grinds.

Scent of the flowers are unexpectedly prominent. The profile rises into a floral sweets, trajectory and presence are respectable; there is a certain allure on this CBD Kush, with enough to keep you interested.

The flavours keep the florals and adds in mycrene earths, smeared with Cannatonic hays. Citrus adorns the top of the profile with some active zest, bringing some dynamism to the profile. Character is sweet and pleasant, with a bit of dirty lows adding balance to the composition.

Pronunciation is good, said in 8 characters; I liked it. Longevity was also better than average, this dries down into a subtle mix of spices with all the good feels of a warm Christmas morning.

Oh hey, the narrative of this review is like a reverse parabola, started out in the negative and became more positive. But, now we’re going to dive back down to talk about price.

I mentioned above, this single gram was priced $12.99 on the Alberta Cananbis online store. Quality isn’t up to snuff for the price point. And it’s been the same old story for most of their offerings, Acreage Pharms is reliably overpriced. Acreage has their Sensi Star in the OCS store at $15.35 a gram. I’m not sure how that price will fly against the competition, the 7ACRES product is listed at $12.05 a gram, and there are 4 other competing Sensi Star products.

Anyways, you can only buy Acreage Pharms CBD Kush in Alberta right now. Also worth noting, the range average for content is quite high, especially for a CBD dominant cultivar.

Here’s my logic for this offering: I think the flavours are good, on a blind taste test I’d likely have adequate to favourable regard. Without anything to compare it to, I could see how you might pay $12.99 for this. However, when placed within the bookends of the value product around $6-8 and the premium product at $15, the Acreage product sticks out like a sore thumb, and not in a good way. After 7 reviews like this, I’ve begun to associate Acreage Pharms with poor value.

Alright, Acreage Pharms’ CBD Kush, poor looks, good enough olfaction. Retail price is on the high side of the average, I think you’d be better to spend 30% less on something of similar quality, or splurge an extra 20% on something worthwhile.

Thanks for reading, see you one the next review.

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