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Gummy Reviews

Preparing to do some more gummy reviews from the legal side coming up. Thought I’d post this review on a gummy product that came from the legacy side, for comparative purposes.

Short review here. There’s no ingredients list for a dietitian to look at, so we’re just going to review content, price and taste.


Package contents are 4 gummies with 50mg each; making for 200mg in the package


Package price was $15, which equates to about $0.08 per mg of content.


Gummies have a soft feel. Taste was intense. Tangy citrus, with pleasantly soapy aftertaste. Zero cannabis taste.


I ate all 4 gummies in the span of 1 hour and felt dehydrated about 4 hours afterwards. Apart from that, I’d relate there were no other effects.

Content was higher than average, based on the average set by other gummies I’ve reviewed.

Package price was about double than the average price I’ve paid for a package of gummies, which is about $7.80 currently. Price per the content is about 9 times lower than average.


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