We use a sensory criteria to evaluate how the cannabis looks, feels, smells and tastes. Right now we add all those numbers up for each offering, and that's what we use to create our ranked list of reviews, or the

MASS Measure We take weights of most products during the review. This is Squid Pants' idea and he is the most diligent at recording the data. I do okay. Product Types Included We're kinda making these dashboards up as we go along. Right

This post tracks the average cannabinoid content logged during the course of these reviews. Granular data is plotted monthly and we also show the moving average (n=90). The static average across the timeline is shown by the grey bar. High and

Every package of cannabis we buy lists the date the product was packaged. This post tracks that date information and displays it on multiple levels of detail. Ways to Interact Use the filter at the top left to filter between purchases made

This dashboard tracks spending for the reviews on this website. Total sum of spending for all reviewers is shown top left. To the right is the total number of reviews performed and the average spent per review. Below we show running sum

This dashboard tracks the average price we've paid for whole flower cannabis during the course of these reviews. We also show standard deviations from the average (-1, -0.5, 0.5, and 1). This chart orients price points in the Canadian cannabis market.

This dashboard counts reviews as we upload them. Counts for the total number of reviews and reviewers are shown at the top, and shown relatively by reviewer at the right side. We also show the count of reviews in two different

Reviews by Score Here is a list of every flower product we've reviewed over the past 8 months in alphabetical order. Each bar signifies the amount of points awarded for each offering. The line on the graph denotes the average for

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