Every package of cannabis we buy lists the date the product was packaged. This post tracks that date information and displays it on multiple levels of detail. Ways to Interact Use the filter at the top left to filter between purchases made

This dashboard tracks spending for the reviews on this website. Total sum of spending for all reviewers is shown top left. To the right is the total number of reviews performed and the average spent per review. Below we show running sum

This dashboard tracks the average price we've paid for whole flower cannabis during the course of these reviews. We also show standard deviations from the average (-1, -0.5, 0.5, and 1). This chart orients price points in the Canadian cannabis market.

This dashboard counts reviews as we upload them. Counts for the total number of reviews and reviewers are shown at the top, and shown relatively by reviewer at the right side. We also show the count of reviews in two different

Reviews by Score Here is a list of every flower product we've reviewed over the past 12 months in alphabetical order. Each bar signifies the amount of points awarded for each offering. The line on the graph denotes the average for

  Hey pancakenap here, looking back at all the whole flower reviews I did last year. The summary includes every review I did (branded product only, if the brand was not provided the review was excluded), and focuses on the top segments

Hey pancakenap here, with a data summary on the price I’ve paid for retail cannabis products in Canada. This post covers cannabis prices with respect to the items purchased for these qualitative reviews. This is fun to look at, but it's

This post summarizes data from cannabis drink reviews. Price, Content and Energy Price Package price is shown via the top left bar graph. Average package price is shown by the grey line. Colour is denotes the price peg mg of content.  Sugar I asked a

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