Crossed an Archive Seed's Race Fuel (Face Off OG x High Octane OG) male to a Jordan of the Islands' Zeus (Cactus (Afghani x Northern Lights) x God Bud) female. Grew a bunch of the resulting seeds. Thinned them down to

A couple of years ago I had an In House Genetics' Silky Johnson F2 plant that grew really big and strong, turned out to be male, so I let it pollenate the entire space, and all the other plants I

Grow Grew one plant of Jordan of the Islands BlackBerry Mouth. This is a cross of Dungeon Vault’s Foul Mouth (Dookies x Grandpa’s Breath) with Jordan of the Island’s Blackberry Kush. For anyone wondering, Dookies is pronounced like Cookies, it is a Diesel

I'm going to start tracking data from my rosin presses.  With enough data, I can start to build a model that can estimate the potential return yielded by the press I use. And if I press enough cannabis where the content

I have a bunch of left over cannabis from last year. Some good buds, but mostly smalls and shake. Leftovers, mostly dry, nothing you would consider good eating. One of the attributes about a rosin press is it allows for easy

Learned some lessons about rosin pressing with dry sift, thought I would write them down. I learn by doing, which means I make a shit-ton of mistakes. Here are two of them: Point Loading the Filter Bag.Leaving the Filter Bag Open. For

I just reviewed three varieties by THC Bio Med, they were all $6 per gram.  I'll keep only one around in flower form, the Landrace Indica. The two others, won't work for me, they aren't functional the way I'd like them to

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