Table Top's ounce offering of Grease Monkey is the least expensive legal cannabis I've purchased in the three years I've been writing these reviews, but the lack of quality leaves some buyer's remorse. Grease Monkey This is Exotic's Grease Monkey, check out

Back Forty delivers appealing visuals, likeable olfaction, at an attractive price with their version of Seed Junky's Animal Mints. Animal Mints Seedfinder lists Seed Junky's Animal Mints as BC Bud Depot's Animal Cookies with Sin City's Sin-Mint Cookies. You see Animal Mints

Although good quality at an acceptable price, the channel that drove me to purchase Deadlights, or Amethyst, was ignored by Queen of Bud. Deadlights Deadlights is a male Pennywise with a female AC/DC cannatonic cut, bred through a collaboration with NorStar Genetics

FRESHLY BAKED Doing an Ogen Freshly Baked review today, this is Freshly Baked #26, their cake-type strain. I'm late on this, the product was released a while ago, and it's been on my list since; that's the buyer motivation.  Interesting part of this

Reviewing an unbranded shatter product here. Check back to my other reviews of legal shatter products. This is legacy shatter, so price and quality are the interesting points to compare back to the legal reviews. Quick note outside the usual scope of

Went by Lake City Cannabis’ new Lincoln Park location one weekend morning. I didn't think even the tender ofer me Greybeard Afghani Drifter. Asked the bud tender what they recommend for good value. After being asked if I wanted a hybrid,

Pipe Dream Doing Broken Coast Pipe Dream today, direct medical purchase. Reviewed this one previously, as purchased from a recreational store, but I wasn’t a big fan of it. Flavour Profiles Do you know when you enter someone's house? You take off your shoes,

Looking at Broken Coast's Quadra today, also know as Headstash, which was bred by Karma Genetics. Big fan here.  Fan of Karmas. Fan of Broken Coast Quadra.  And I'm a fan of Headstash specifically; I grew a feminized plant once, one of

Canuck Cookies Looking at Verte West's Canuck Cookie, this is sold through the brand Farmsted. Like Farmstead's Cafe Racer, this is discounted product that started at a high price point. First it was listed at $47 when it was released in November,

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