Thanks for joining me for the review, we're looking at HEXO's Tropical Fruit. This was the strongest of the 5, you could really taste the cannabis. Tied for second highest for the amount of sugar contained. It was the most expensive of the

Checking out Tweed's Bakerstreet & Ginger today, thanks for joining me for it. This is like pop. And not the movie theatre or fast food pop that's watered down. This is thick, sugar soda pop like you'd get out of a

Intro Thanks for joining me for the review today, we're looking at Mollo 5. This is one of five cannabis drinks I've purchased. Thought I would put together a review of each, with some calculations on the averages based on the five purchases. I

Good morning, reader. It’s 7:30 AM on a weekday, and I’m going to review 10g of Legend milk chocolate. This product contains 10mg THC and costs $6.29. I bought it from a store called Sweet Tree. As a more frequent user of cannabis,

Looking at Aurora's Gummies today. These were purchased at Omkara in Calgary. Here's how this review went. I bought these, and took some photos of them while thinking 'wow, these look like they taste good'. So I ate one. Turns out,

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