Hey pancakenap here with an XMG Root Beer. Summary This is an old time tasting Root Beer with 10mg of THC and a very high price. Taste Taste is very sweet and caramel heavy with long notes of drippy molasses and tobacco. That's over-describing

Hey pancakenap here drinking Mollo Lime. Mollo I've tried Mollo before. It's fine. Nothing I'd seek out, but I don't mind drinking one. Store So I'm in Value Buds one day with a list of drink and edible products I'd like to buy. I'm

Hey pancakenap here doing a beverage review. We're looking at Summit Lemonade Iced Tea today. Grabbed a few drinks and thought I would review them. These go pretty quick and just hits the high points of the product. We track the

  Hey, pancakenap here, with a beverage review. This time it's Bedfellows' Haus Mates. I suppose cannabinoid content is an interesting point. The ratio is 3:1 THC to CBD (7.5mg THC, 2.5mg CBD). Short review here today. Below, I just make a few

Got a drink review for you today, this is Houseplant Lemon. This is Tweed licensing the Seth Rogan brand, of which there is little overlap here in Canada.  Feel Light feel int he mouth, very drinkable. TASTE Not sweet at all. Carbonation makes good fizz

Today we review a tea bag. This one is called Focus No. 350, it's done by TerrAscend, and is sold through their brand Haven St. Tea, particularly loose leaf tea has some parallels with cannabis, especially in the way you navigate

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