Hey pancakenap here with an XMG Root Beer. Summary This is an old time tasting Root Beer with 10mg of THC and a very high price. Taste Taste is very sweet and caramel heavy with long notes of drippy molasses and tobacco. That's over-describing

Hey pancakenap here, hope I got this product name right: Deep Space Xpress. Is that it? Or is it Cannabis-Infused Gummy by Deep Space Xpress? I don't know. Producer in the fine print is Supreme Cannabis, so that's the party

Hey pancakenap here, we're looking at Radsicle Cream Soda Freezie. Voyage Cannabis is shown in the fine print. Price Let's just get this topic out of the way. I wrote this product review a while back, and I'm doing this preamble a

Intro It’s Squid Pants here.  I’ve reviewed this brand before on Twitter, and I wasn’t impressed. https://twitter.com/squidgrow/status/1557561110613659651?s=20&t=tfgqpzbRFinCsvWWo6uYcw Of course this doesn’t tell you why it’s vile, if it was just the one specific flavour that was vile and so on.  So, by the

Hey pancakenap here drinking Mollo Lime. Mollo I've tried Mollo before. It's fine. Nothing I'd seek out, but I don't mind drinking one. Store So I'm in Value Buds one day with a list of drink and edible products I'd like to buy. I'm

Hey pancakenap here doing a beverage review. We're looking at Summit Lemonade Iced Tea today. Grabbed a few drinks and thought I would review them. These go pretty quick and just hits the high points of the product. We track the

Intro It’s Squid Pants here and today I am seeing what $2.00 gets you in the legal cannabis market.  Past experience says across categories you get disappointment regardless of price, let’s see if that trend holds here! Producer Twd. What else can be added,

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