Intro Hey, Squid Pants here.  Today we’re checking out an offering from an Ontario craft grower, Carmel.  Carmel does smaller batches and as such availability can be an issue.  In fact, if you don’t live in Ontario then as of the

Intro It’s Squid Pants here with a dried flower review from the legal market.  In general I employ both vaporizer and joints in my consumption so my reviews will feature impressions from both methods.  Otherwise things will be pretty similar to

Hey, pancakenap here, with Edison's Black Cherry Punch.  We have a blinded review for this one, done by Squid Pants and myself. We follow the review protocol as outlined below, and summarize what we found during the video call. Then we look at

Hey pancakenap here, doing Capulator's MAC1, and this grow was done by Qwest and packaged under their Reserve brand. This product isn't something I'd usually select for these reviews, because of the price point. But I saw it on sale at

Hey there, pancakenap here, with Tantalus Lab's version of Seed Junky's LA Kush Cake. We have a blinded review today, as performed by Squid Pants and myself. We follow the review protocol as outlined below, and reflect on the quality of the

Plagued by numerous detractions on visuals and taste, the overall quality of Original Stash's Sativa negates the 50% discount off the average price I've paid for a 3.5g package. Hey pancakenap here, we're doing a general sativa, by Original Stash. Which

A unique flavour profile is the centrepiece of sugarbud's rendition of Thug Pug's Mule Fuel, which brings good quality at a price about 10% over the average I've paid for a 3.5g package. Hey pancakenap here, doing a version of Thug

Dilute flavour and ragged looks overshadow the positive elements brought by -ness' Powdered Donuts, which leans into the poorer side of value, despite its favorable price tag. Hey pancakenap here, doing Powdered Donuts. This one is sold under BZam's -ness brand. Buyer

Organnicraft brings bright flavours and great quality flower, at a favorable price with their Lilac Diesel.   Thanks for joining me today. Got a pretty straight shot here; it's a quality product for a price that I felt good paying. One night my

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