Looking at an unbranded version of Archive's Rainbow Driver. We've seen a great home grown version of this previously, so I'm looking forward to seeing how this stacks up. Buyer Motivation Fan of the breeder, seen it via home grown previously Visuals Visuals are

Looking at an unbranded Gelato #41 today, this is bred by Cookies. Lineage Thin Mint Cookies x Sunset Sherbet Buyer Motivation Strain name Visuals Good visuals. Cylindrical buds coming to sharp peaks. Trim is very good. Trichome coverage is noticeable; orange stigmas are more prominent than

Checking out an unbranded Meat Breath today, this is bred by Thug Pug. Buyer Motivation Hype for the offering Visuals Great looks on this flower. Buds are smaller, and somewhat spherical. The crown of the bud is rather plateaued, but includes some really some

Doing Kosher Kush here, bred by DNA. Here's a link to the story on how it was created, it's interesting. Buyer Motivation Strain name and breeder Visuals Shape is rounded, size is full. Surface detail is blurred by the amount of trim impressed back to

Looking at another version of Gorilla Glue today, this was produced by Northern Green and sold through a brand called Ecotone. BUYER MOTIVATION New brand, on sale VISUALS Visuals are poor here. Trim is close. Buds are mostly small, and appear like a large

Taking a look at Silver Surfer today.   Lineage Blue Dream x Super Silver Haze Buyer Motivation Lineage Visuals Great visuals. Conical buds that taper at both ends. Good structure. Purple tips and acceptable coverage. Gets a little frilly around the skirt with the trim, but nothing

Looking down God's Green Crack today, this is a very popular cultivar bred by Jordan of the Islands. Lineage Jordan's God Bud crosses are all named using the same system, so it's safe to assume this is God Bud with Green Crack.

Looking at Pineapple Express today, the cultivar. I'm not a big lover of this offering, I'll admit, I don't even know how fast pineapples are. But I'll give it my best shot. Lineage Multiple breeders offer something called Pineapple Express, some are Trainwreck

Looking at Purple Punch today. I first encountered this cultivar in San Diego, paid $20USD for a gram. Came in a cute little bottle and was wildly disappointing. Check the review out here. Lineage Supposed to be a Larry OG with a GrandDaddy

Doing BC Rockstar here, a BC staple. This listing is billed as a quad A. Lineage Rockstar is Soma's Rockbud with Sensi Star, I think that's the accepted and assumed lineage. There are a few breeders offering a Rockstar, perhaps it's my

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