Checking out Dancehall, as produced by Peace Naturals, and sold under their brand Spinach. This is a CBD dominant cultivar, it doesn't make fabulous numbers but does have a likeable flavour profile.  Genealogy for this cultivar shares some starting points with Cannatonic,

Checking out Platinum OG here today. The listing calls this back to breeder Apothecary genetics, and it's a cross of Master Kush and a OG Kush.  And it's probably the platinum behind the Platinum of Platinum Kush Mints fame. Buyer Motivation Attraction from

Looking at Apricot Kush here today, which, according to me, is a cultivar named after one of the more unpopular fruits. Vancouver Seed Bank lists this one as being bred by Ancestral Seeds but doesn't give the lineage. Buyer Motivation Price. Visuals The single gram

Looking at an unbranded Screwhead OG here today. After doing the StratCann call with Dunn, I was interested in trying the Island Pink Screwhead, and the parents, which are Island Pink, and this Screwhead OG. I try to review based on price

Doing an unbranded Big Buddha Cheese here today. The thing about cheese strains, is they smell flowery but taste off-putting. With this one, it's a bit softer, perhaps because of the Afghani parent. Lineage Said to be a pairing of Cheese and Afghani

Looking at London Pound today, I think this is normally called London Pound Cake, bred by Cookies. I don't really know much about Cookie bred varieties, but one of favourite breeders (In House Genetics) has taken this London Pound Cake, and

Doing Kalifornia today. This has Kolab and Lotus on the package, one of them probably bagged this and the other grew it. The nifty bit of this offering is this is actually a Bhodi bred cultivar. This breeder is responsible for

Looking at an unbranded UK Cheese here today. Lineage This is said to be a Skunk #1 phenotype. The vendor uses the familiar Exodus story for this listing. Buyer Motivation I want to like Cheese Visuals Smaller scraggly buds. Structure not full, some

Welcome to the review today, this is an unbranded Chernobyl, bred by SubCool. The lineage is the cool part here, or at least I think so. Lineage Formally this is a Blood Wreck crossed to Jack the Ripper. Blood Wreck is a Train

Hey thanks for joining me for the review today; on this website, where I review the cannabis in the container, totally separate from my personal feelings on a producer's approach to their consumers, such as the one depicted in this

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