Hey pancakenap here, with BC Green's Gelato Soap. Summary Gelato Soap offers a pine central profile with unique balance between the primary and secondary notes. I felt it had the elements of a traditional gelato mixed in an atypical arrangement. I felt

pancakenap here, and I have Tribal's Gelato Mint Summary This offering came highly recommended to me, and I've seen it recommended by other notable reviewers. The particular package had a couple detractions to note. Packaging time was notably low but the cannabis

Hey pancakenap here. I have an offering by Ritual (Mernova Medicinal) today, this is their HPG13. Summary This is well grown flower with a basic flavour profile, priced slightly above average. Even thought it appears high quality, the lacklustre flavour it provides

Hey pancakenap here, I'm reviewing BC Green's version of Thug Pug's Stankasaurus. Summary Thanks for joining me today. I found this one to be an attractive representation of some very common tastes. For the price, I thought it was attractive but I note

Intro If you are expecting Subcool’s Space Queen then I’m afraid you are going to be disappointed.  Squid Pants here checking out a Space Queen that isn’t a Space Queen but may be a comment on the type of halitosis that

  Hey pancakenap here. I've got Lindsay OG today. We've seen it on this website before, but this is the first time I've seen it available from a licensed source. Grower on this cut of Lindsay is Verte West, and it's

Intro It’s Squid Pants here and this review led me to wish for the existence of a frozen treat that would almost definitely be fatal to consume.  Let’s get started! Sorbetto Sorbetto is Zkittlez X Sunset Sherbet X Magnum Opus.  I admit Magnum

Hey pancakenap here, reviewing Thug Pug's Meat Breath, produced by Natural History. This is a whole flower product with a THC% under 20, so it was available for a discount price, I suspect. This particular product I bought also spent 310

pancakenap here, with Pure SunFarms Jet Fuel Gelato. Pure SunFarms I like writing reviews of Pure SunFarms products because whether you like them or not, they're a pillar in the Canadian cannabis industry. I'm always interested in what they're putting out, at

I hated this before I even opened it and was right to do so.  Hi, Squid Pants here and I am filled with nausea and regret! GMO Cookies GMO Cookies is GMO (Garlic Mushrooms Onion) which I find off-putting but not terrible,

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