Checking out an unbranded Blackberry Platinum today. Listed as AAAA, it was the quad qualitative claim that motivated me to buy it. Buyer Motivation Quad A qualitative claim Visuals Prominent trichomes offer the greatest evidence for the quad A designation, the rest of it

Talking Zerpal Punch today, a Zkittlez, Purple Punch cross, thanks for joining me for it. The vendor listed this as 'Zerpal', I've also seen this more commonly spelled Zurple, just an FYI on spelling. Buyer Motivation Strain name, lineage. Visuals Colouring is shifted to the

Reviewing an unbranded Colorado favourite today, this is Tahoe OG. Sometimes I have pictures of the location the strain or cultivar is named after. Never been to Lake Tahoe, but I hear it's nice. Buyer Motivation Strain name Visuals Milky trichomes appear more prominent with

Checking out a dawg cross today, this is an unbranded Four Star General. Buyer Motivation Someone I follow on twitter called this ‘the dawg of dawgs’. That got me. Visuals Good, from some angles; rugged looks from others. One upper bud with a few

Post review preamble So I wrote this review a while ago, and posted it sometime after. You'll see below, I've assumed this Amethyst is a Soma seed variety. Was poking around the Gage Green Group menu, and I see they've offered something

var mantis = mantis || []; mantis.push(['display', 'load', { property: '5e345dde47529a0006cdc9eb' }]); A Sunday ritual for me is looking through the pages of the Alberta Cannabis website. I mostly look at the flower, just seeing what's new, and seeing what's on sale. I'm checking

Today we look at Skosha Lemon Dory, or Lemon Nigerian, as grown by Breathing Green Solutions. I bought this late last year, didn't process the review until now. You can probably take that as a sign, there isn't really anything thrilling

Looking at an unbranded variety today, that the vendor applied a quad A designation to, which was my motivation for buying it. This was listed as AAAA Denis Pink. Not sure which vowels to emphasize, or if there is an apostrophe

Like 20 years ago there was this skit on Mad TV with this character called Dixie Wetsworth, who had a talk show, and she'd bring out this guy in a leopard print speedo to dance for her, whom she called

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