Squid Pants here checking out some gifted cannabis.  This was sent to me from Alberta by Pancakenap and they’ve reviewed it too, so check that out for a second opinion. Ladies Night For some reason I think it should be Lady’s Night,

Hello pancakenap here with North 40's Ladies Night, which is the name they gave to their grow of In House's Double Kush Breath. Purchase stats Bought this one from North 40's medical store in mid-September. I completed the review on September 29

Hey pancakenap here with Okanna Craft's Mac Flurry, which is sold under the BC Black brand. Joint Venture Craft Cannabis is shown as the producer.  Summary Pretty quick narrative here. This is excellent cannabis that will hit high marks in most of

Hey there, pancakenap here writing about some flower I purchased at North 40 called El Gordo. Summary The was a really nice, gassy OG Kush with a some well rounded earth tones playing secondary which give the flavour profile a big body.

It’s Squid Pants here and we need to have a little talk. This isn’t Pink Kush, this is Tom Ford Pink Kush.  Tom Ford Pink Kush is, from my perspective, simply inferior.  More than once I’ve gotten what I thought

Hey pancakenap here. I'm looking at Cosmic Funk by North 40's processor brand Red Barn. Grower on this batch was The Victoria Cannabis Company, I surmise. Real name of the flower being offered here is Space Cake, by Bohdi. Summary Cosmic Funk was

Hey-o, pancakenap here doing Gary Payton by Cookies! When this website is not under attack from a country in west Africa, about 50% of our traffic comes from the US, the other half is from Canada. Cookies is an American brand,

Hey pancakenap here. We're doing Bohdi's Cobra Lips today and the producer is one of the BZam locations in BC.  The cutting flavour profile is why you'd buy this. It doesn't have a wide distribution of balanced tastes; instead it's mostly

Hey pancakenap here. We're doing Seed Junky's Animal Face today and the producer is Carmel.  Top ranks were awarded for this offering but I didn't really feel like that was going to happen when I opened it. Visuals are top notch,

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