Hey there, doing Ogen's dosi-GMOsi #13 today. Got a few particulars to run through on this one so let's get to it. This retail Cannabis was gifted to me, I didn't buy it Every review I've done so far was bought at

Hey pancakenap, late to the game with Organnicraft Platinum Grapes. A bunch of notable reviewers have already seen this. Besides the pictures and purchase stats, I don't really have anything new to add here. Like everyone else, I found good quality.

Intro Squid Pants here, today we are going to look at Jealousy under the BLKMKT label.  This is another very hyped and recommended-to-me release.  Who am I to say no to peer pressure?  If everyone else is smoking this then me

Hey pancakenap here, with BC Green's Gelato Soap. Summary Gelato Soap offers a pine central profile with unique balance between the primary and secondary notes. I felt it had the elements of a traditional gelato mixed in an atypical arrangement. I felt

pancakenap here, and I have Tribal's Gelato Mint Summary This offering came highly recommended to me, and I've seen it recommended by other notable reviewers. The particular package had a couple detractions to note. Packaging time was notably low but the cannabis

Hey pancakenap here. I have an offering by Ritual (Mernova Medicinal) today, this is their HPG13. Summary This is well grown flower with a basic flavour profile, priced slightly above average. Even thought it appears high quality, the lacklustre flavour it provides

Hey pancakenap here, I'm reviewing BC Green's version of Thug Pug's Stankasaurus. Summary Thanks for joining me today. I found this one to be an attractive representation of some very common tastes. For the price, I thought it was attractive but I note

Intro If you are expecting Subcool’s Space Queen then I’m afraid you are going to be disappointed.  Squid Pants here checking out a Space Queen that isn’t a Space Queen but may be a comment on the type of halitosis that

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