Hey pancakenap here doing a 3.5g package of Ogen Bacio Punch #8 here today. Bought this one at Canna Cabana in Calgary when I was buying the Country Side Grape Diamonds cartridge.  This is the second time we've looked at this offering,

Hey pancakenap here with OGEN's Gas Berries #112. This is my second time seeing it, I saw this back in 2021, read about it here. Introduction This one was gifted to me by OGEN late fall. The didn't pay me me anything

Squid Pants here looking at a Runtz offering from Strains Limited.  The hype on this variety hit its peak in 2020 when Leafly called it “Strain Of The Year ''.  The site published an article about it which really was

Hey pancakenap here, doing a single gram of Edison Hollywood OG. Introduction Bought this one at Value Buds one day when I'm looking to buy some cannabis from larger producers. I make the order through Value Buds online system to speed up

Hello, pancakenap here as your reviewer today. We're looking at an Ethos bred offering produced by Organigram, sold as Edison Cookieberry OG. Introduction Bought this one at Value Buds one day when I was targeting offerings from larger producers. That day I

Hey pancakenap here, getting one out the door today; and that one is GreenTec Orangeade. Summary Short story here is this: I surmise this was quality cannabis, just based on brand reputation and my previous experience with the cultivar, but this flower

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