Looking at an unbranded UK Cheese here today. Lineage This is said to be a Skunk #1 phenotype. The vendor uses the familiar Exodus story for this listing. Buyer Motivation I want to like Cheese Visuals Smaller scraggly buds. Structure not full, some

Welcome to the review today, this is an unbranded Chernobyl, bred by SubCool. The lineage is the cool part here, or at least I think so. Lineage Formally this is a Blood Wreck crossed to Jack the Ripper. Blood Wreck is a Train

Hey thanks for joining me for the review today; on this website, where I review the cannabis in the container, totally separate from my personal feelings on a producer's approach to their consumers, such as the one depicted in this

Thanks for joining me today, we're going to review an unbranded version of Lindsay OG. In a nutshell, this is a very well regarded, cup winning, OG of unknown lineage, named after Lindsay, Ontario and bred by Chad Jackett of Liberty

Checking out a new producer today, and the first producer with a brand thats just a suffix; we're looking at -ness Black Cherry Punch. Lineage Black Cherry Punch is a Black Cherry Pie with a Purple Punch, we've seen it here before.  BUYER

Hey thanks for joining me today, this is an unbranded flower called Double Death Bubba. I didn't catch this previous to purchase, but the lineage for this flower is listed as being the same as regular Death Bubba (Death Star x

Really liked this one, Orange Push Pop. I'd tell you the funny thing about Cali-O or Tangie crosses is they don't sound great in the description. To me, the thought of the orange flavour, mixing with, and overtaking every other flavour

Hey thanks for joining me for the review today, this is going to be for an unbranded Lip Smacker. Looking up the name, this is bred by Exotic Genetix. Lineage Exotic lists their creations by the plant that fathered them, Lip Smacker is

Hi! Thanks for joining me today! For another review of Nordle! This time, it's called Balance! by B!ngo! This is the second time I've reviewed Aphria's Nordle. Check back to the previous review, when it was called Solei Balance  and was priced

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