It’s Squid Pants checking out another pre-roll product.  This offering comes from the budget brand Hexo and was gifted to me by a friend who considers these his favourite pre-rolls.  I’m a bit conflicted on these, so let’s dive in. Ultra

Intro Hi, it’s Squid Pants here looking at another pack of pre-rolls today.  This time it’s Animal Face from one of my favourite producers, Carmel.  Surprisingly this isn’t one I’d recommend, and it’s for all the usual pre-roll reasons.  Let’s break

Intro Squid Pants here, going on and on about Pink Kush again. Pink Kush Ah, my beloved Pink Kush, my most favoured descendent of OG Kush.  A real Pink Kush too, not that crappy Tom Ford cross.  Before recreational legalisation this Pink Kush

Intro Squid Pants here looking at some Dosi Punch pre-rolls from Tommy’s Choice Cannabis.  If there’s one thing that legalization has taught me it’s that celebrity endorsement brands are like movie sequels; they almost always suck.  We didn’t have to get

Tweed's Sunset pre-roll demonstrates excellent olfactory properties despite containing a small amount of seed material. There are three main notes to take from this review. This Sunset smells fantastic. It is more expensive than its competitors. I feel there is less

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