Pipe Dream Doing Broken Coast’s Pipe Dream today, direct medical purchase. Reviewed this one previously, as purchased from a recreational store, but I wasn’t a big fan of it. Flavour Profiles You know when you enter someones house? You take off your shoes, and

Looking at Broken Coast's Quadra today, also know as Headstash, which was bred by Karma Genetics. Big fan here.  Fan of Karmas. Fan of Broken Coast.  And I'm a fan of Headstash specifically; I grew a feminized plant once, one of my

Looking at Verte West's Canuck Cookies, this is sold through the brand Farmsted. Like Farmstead's Cafe Racer, this is discounted product that started at a high price point. First it was listed at $47 when it was released in November, and

Today we review some Weed Me Blackberry. Buds are popcorn sized, mostly untrimmed. Being generous; profile has merit and is low in prominence, flavours are subtle. Price is below average for (my experience buying) this package size, but still feels expensive. Grabbed 3 single

Checking out Edison's version of Black Cherry Punch, bred by In House Genetics. Package size is single gram, and the vendor is Alberta Cannabis. Price was $10 and quality was ok, but not great. Came with a humidipak, and the feel was

Doing a new producer today, this is Palm Gardens, and the product is called Sunrise. The offering here is Green Crack, more considerately Green Cush, or as Palm Gardens refers to it: GC. What I've learned from seeing a few GCs is

Looking at Farmstead's Cafe Racer here. Purchased from the Alberta Cannabis store for $16.99. This was originally priced at $47 in November 2020, then reduced to $29.99 at the end of January 2021, until it was reduced again to the $17

Looking at OMY Kush Cookies today, producer here is Abba Medix. Barney’s Farm has this Rolex OG x Cookies cross called Cookies Kush, and that’s what I thought I was buying here. Interpreting the name of this offering like Color Cannabis’

Checking out a Pink Cookies today, by Pharm Craft. Co. The listing says this is better known as Wedding Cake. Lineage Wedding Cake, as per Leafly is a Triangle Kush crossed to Animal Mints, and they also note it's synonymous with Pink

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