Hey pancakenap here, doing a single gram of Edison Hollywood OG. Introduction Bought this one at Value Buds one day when I'm looking to buy some cannabis from larger producers. I make the order through Value Buds online system to speed up

Hello, pancakenap here as your reviewer today. We're looking at an Ethos bred offering produced by Organigram, sold as Edison Cookieberry OG. Introduction Bought this one at Value Buds one day when I was targeting offerings from larger producers. That day I

Hey pancakenap here, getting one out the door today; and that one is GreenTec Orangeade. Summary Short story here is this: I surmise this was quality cannabis, just based on brand reputation and my previous experience with the cultivar, but this flower

Hey pancakenap here, with Organnicraft's Miss Kim. This is Mother Lab's cultivar. It's a cross of a couple of familiar offerings so I was pretty keen on it. I had actually driven to my nearest retail hub to pick up a

Hey pancakenap here, looking at Good Supply's Monkey Butter. This is from the Aprhia/Tilray conglomerate. Purchase Bought this one from Value Buds when I was looking for big box brands. Look back to the Aurora Drift Alien Cake 3030 review for motivations.

She's like a spring fragrance; somewhat faint but never dull. She's all upwards, towards the sweet and sunshine. Clean cut and polite. Her character has no depth into the rippling lows, she's unsoiled by any dark clouds. Whenever we were

Intro Hi, it’s Squid Pants here looking at another pack of pre-rolls today.  This time it’s Animal Face from one of my favourite producers, Carmel.  Surprisingly this isn’t one I’d recommend, and it’s for all the usual pre-roll reasons.  Let’s break

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