Hey pancakenap here. We're doing Bohdi's Cobra Lips today and the producer is one of the BZam locations in BC.  The cutting flavour profile is why you'd buy this. It doesn't have a wide distribution of balanced tastes; instead it's mostly

Hey pancakenap here. We're doing Seed Junky's Animal Face today and the producer is Carmel.  Top ranks were awarded for this offering but I didn't really feel like that was going to happen when I opened it. Visuals are top notch,

Hey pancakenap here with Natural History's Tally Man today.  I liked this one, I think it's a winning offering. But there were problems with the package I purchased. There's was good stuff going on here, for a somewhat attractive price, but

Hey there, pancakenap is your reviewer today and we got Broken Coast's Amnesia Haze.  I'd call it a decent offering with a simple flavour profile. I often find myself longing for tropical tastes as the summer begins but that requires starting

Hey there, doing Ogen's dosi-GMOsi #13 today. Got a few particulars to run through on this one so let's get to it. This retail Cannabis was gifted to me, I didn't buy it Every review I've done so far was bought at

Hey pancakenap, late to the game with Organnicraft Platinum Grapes. A bunch of notable reviewers have already seen this. Besides the pictures and purchase stats, I don't really have anything new to add here. Like everyone else, I found good quality.

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