Looking at an unbranded variety today, that the vendor applied a quad A designation to, which was my motivation for buying it. This was listed as AAAA Denis Pink. Not sure which vowels to emphasize, or if there is an apostrophe

Hey there, looking at an unbranded Sunset Sherbet today. Highlights Quality was about regular here, with some elements you might consider below standard. The likeable elements mostly stem from the taste profile, I'd argue. Price was good, especially in smaller package sizes. The

Thanks for joining me for the review, we're looking at HEXO's Tropical Fruit. This was the strongest of the 5, you could really taste the cannabis. Tied for second highest for the amount of sugar contained. It was the most expensive of the

Hello there,  Today we review Tom Ford Pink. Sometimes called Island Pink or abbreviated as TFPK. Tom seems to be a Vancouver Island staple, lauded for its strength. Previous to this review, that's all I really knew about it. I'm actually more familiar

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