Vape REVIEWS BY SCORE Here is a list of every vape product we’ve reviewed so far. There aren't very many products reviewed right now, so we haven't included a date filter or letter grades for this version.  Each bar signifies the amount

Intro Squid Pants here checking out a balanced cart from Viola.  This is from the medical market and I’m as unenthusiastic to write about it as the Canadian producer is!  Because I tried to contact them with questions but they just

Intro One dimensional, faint taste and tons of pseudoscientific marketing nonsense are the hallmarks of this I.C.C. cartridge from Kolab Project.  It’s Squid Pants here taking a bullet for all you good people. I.C.C. My guess is here I.C.C. is meant to stand

Looking at a one gram vape cartridge containing delta-9 distillate today. No brand here, this is legacy product. Vape Cart Experience This review is written by a vape cart rookie, I've got 2 under my belt at the time of writing. Technically

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