Intro Hey everybody, Squidpants here.  Today we’re checking out Pink Vanilla OG from Muskoka Grown.  The profile surprised me and sent me scrambling to find out the story of this plant. Let’s get started! Pink Vanilla OG So what is Pink Vanilla OG? If I

Hey pancakenap here, doing Joi Botanicals Cake Crasher. This is a 3.5g package purchased through Shelter Market. The brand is shown as Shelter Craft, and the producer is Joi Botanicals.  Lineage Wedding Cake x Wedding Crasher. Breeder is Seed Junky. Visuals Nice looking buds. My

Hey pancakenap here, with Creekside Garden's version of Archive's Casper OG. Lineage The breeder is Archive Seeds. This is a cross of Ghost OG and Archive's Face Off OG. Visuals I called the visuals good. This quarter ounce package arrived as 2 large buds.

Hey pancakenap here, doing HovaCRAFT's Purple OG. Legacy brand and vendor on this review. Lineage This is a local clone, with the parents listed as Legendary OG Kush and Purple Kush. Visuals Stellar looks. Buds have a green tinge at the edges of the trim

Hey pancakenap here, doing OGEN's Space Flight Superstar #11. When I first grabbed this I wondered if it wasn't an original creation from Ogen, turns out its probably Jet Fuel Gelato.   Visuals Poor visuals. Mix of shrapnel. Clearly well developed but small buds.

Hey pancakenap here, doing Table Top's Sticky Buns. I also see listings for Superflower's Buns n Roses with Sticky Buns in parenthesis, so I'd speculate this flower may also be sold under another brand as well.  Lineage The lineage is given as

Hey pancakenap here, with some greenhouse flower. This is Sunkissed's version of Sorbetto, bred by Aficionado Seeds. Breeder I'm unfamiliar with Aficionado Seeds, so I'm going do a quick look up on them, feel free to come along if you like. Here's their

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