Doing Purple LA today. This is another offering bred by DNA Genetics, but not labeled as such. Lineage The operative portion of the name is said in two letters, LA. This is LA Confidential. Seed banks will list this as Purple x

Today we review the Blue Cheese Seth Rogan should have endorsed, this is North 40 Blue Cheese. That's just a little joke, the Houseplant Hybrid was pretty good. I'd confidently say this Blue Cheese was way better. As a lead-in to this

Thanks for joining my for this review. We're looking at Redecan, Outlaw. There's some adjacency here with Acreage Pharm's offering of Outlaw Amnesia, which I assumed to be Dutch Passion's offering of the same name. I paid $13 per gram for

Thanks for joining me on today's review. We have Cake today. This is Habitat. Micro licence. And this is grown using aquaponics. If you'd like to read more about the method, check out this article I wrote for StratCann. Background Info I vape,

Here's a little about me: I love Grape LA. Done well, it wows. Bred by DNA Genetics, it's a Grapefruit with their LA Confidential.  Aurora had a version, it was an ok rendition, but they haven't offered it in a while. Today we

Today we look at Wappa, bred by Paradise Seeds. This is our 4th time reviewing Wappa, this one happens to be produced by Redecan. Visuals I called them neutral. Up close, I think they look good. The trim is exact. On this

Today we review something called Mazar x GWS. This is produced by United Greeneries, sold under their Royal High brand. In summary, the single gram offering is poor value. The measurable features are average, the sensory features are a mix of

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