Across the board, JWC's production of Dr. Greenthumb's Big Laughing is simply superb. I've reviewed 4 cultivars produced by JWC so far. I'm beyond impressed with the quality-- whatever they choose to grow is well done. This Big Laughing is my

Zenabis' version of Paradise's Wappa disappoints slightly with subpar visuals, but makes up for it with respectable quality and a pleasing performance in the upper ranges of the Wappa profile. Checking out a Wappa today. If you're unfamiliar, this is Paradise's

Zenabis' version of Shishkaberry offers punchy flavours with somewhat decent visuals occluded by a lazy trim. Today we look at our second Shishkaberry, this time it's produced by Zenabis, sold through a brand they call Namaste. There are many copies of Shishkaberry.

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