The value offered by Top Leaf's GSC flower at $14.29 per gram is fully overshadowed by tainted aroma and taste; coupled with poor function for both smoking and vaporizing, the cannabis is unusable.  Here we go with Sundial's Top Leaf GSC

This is my first review of retail dry sift. I'm going to use my usual review protocol, with reduced specificity, providing non-comparative observations mostly. For reviews of this product type (non-melt dry sift) I have to change the equipment I use.

Today we review Delta 9's version of Lemon Skunk. I'd say it's a good example of getting what you pay for. Quality Structure and size are the features that you might feel good about. The olfactory features are lacking to the point

I think of THSeed's Ultra Sour in our Canadian market like a touristy photo. It's a beautiful $1.99 sunset postcard that you'd send to your arbitrary Aunt. Every store has one, basically the same image; just a re-arranged version of

Doing Purple LA today. This is another offering bred by DNA Genetics, but not labeled as such. Lineage The operative portion of the name is said in two letters, LA. This is LA Confidential. Seed banks will list this as Purple x

Today we review the Blue Cheese Seth Rogan should have endorsed, this is North 40 Blue Cheese. That's just a little joke, the Houseplant Hybrid was pretty good. I'd confidently say this Blue Cheese was way better. As a lead-in to this

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