Looking at Peace Natural's Diesel today, this is sold under their brand Spinach. VISUALS Most visual elements are excellent on these buds. Size is miscellaneous, I received one large bud and several medium to small buds. Trim is really good, except for one

Today we review Tilray's Citrus Tangerine, sold under their brand Canaca. Motivator for this buy was price. This was on discount at Lake City Cannabis. The price at the independent store was less than the same offering from the provincial monopoly. VISUALS Visuals

Welcome to the 5th White Widow review I've done.  This one is by 7ACRES, a product that was available since the start of Canada's legalization, I just haven't seen it until now. Visuals I'd say the visuals are above standard. Buds are full

Thanks for reading today's review, it's just a quick look at one purchase I made, but didn't put a full review together, so it's written in retrospect. And while we're outside the constraints of a formal review, I'll do a header

This is a quick look at Wildlife D-Bubba, a purchase of mine I didn't have a chance to do a formal review on. I found this one disappointing, from multiple angles; visuals, olfaction and price. Visuals We're close to ghastly. By my eye,

Today we continue our quest with Bhodi's Goji OG, by looking at one produced by a company called Qwest. Also called We Grow BC, which isn't as slick if you ask me. LINEAGE Quick check on the lineage for Goji OG, it's

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