This entry placed twice, once for best Sativa and once as 2nd place for the judges favourite.   Cultivar info Lemon Mango is a general name. I can best attribute it back to Lemon Mango OG by Apothecary Genetics, which is a OG

Welcome to, because if I called it something like 'expert Cannabis reviews', I'd have to to take it more seriously. And, if I'm being completely honest, I do take this way more seriously than I should

Welcome to pancakenap, a compromised palindrome, and it wouldn't have the same kitsch if I called it pancaacnap.   Looking at Sweet Jesus today. This was entered in the Hempfest Calgary 2019 cup. Don't know what it is. This entry did not place,

One day I walk into the internet domain store and say to the clerk, "give me something that's easy to remember and rhymes with crap". Welcome to pancakenap.   We're reviewing Bruce Banner today. A strawberry sour kush or perhaps earlier, a

Next up during the course of the 2019 Hempfest reviews I performed is Purple Punch, a very popular cultivar from a US breeder. Lineage Purple Punch is a cross of Larry OG and GrandDaddy Purp. Originally bred by Super Nova Gardens,

Arguably the best-looking cannabis I saw during the contest, this entry was the second one I reviewed. It's trendy. During a usual review of Canadian retail cannabis, many of the cup wins associated with the offering we see are from

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