Looking at Passion Fruit today, this is Dutch Passion. Background for this cultivar stems from a Sweet Pink Grapefruit and and Orange Bud. Cannabinoid Content You're looking at the contest winner for THC content here.  36% total cannabinoids, 35% was THC. I'd done about 250

This was a memorable review. Mostly for the character of the flower, and the deficit in magnitude of olfaction. Great composition, just needed the volume turned up a bit. By name you can likely identify it as a Pink Kush, Rockstar cross.

I'm not familiar with Blue Cush. As a self described scholar of traditional cannabis nomenclature, or strain names, I think there's a resonable expectation that this is a Green Crack x Blueberry. And via the aforementioned scholarly research (googling "Blue Cush" +

Today we look at an unnamed cultivar. I just kept the name the Hempfest admins gave it; 4498, or two shy of 4500, depending on your level of optimism. Cannabinoid Content This isn't an underdog story. Two shy didn't place for content

Short review today. This is a Hempfest 2019 entrant, didn't place, I rated it average and it doesn't appear to have cannabinoid testing. Guess on Cultivar This is the only one that I was able to guess blindly. Don't pat me on the

Best part of being a judge in this contest was seeing the community. After the awards, I'm saying my goodbyes and was stopped by a gentleman who just won the best 1:1 category, which is the flower you'll see in

I must admit, I've never been caught up in the hype of Gorilla Glue. Let's see what we are missing. Lineage Apparently, this cross started with accidental pollination between a intersexed Chem's Sister (early Chemdawg phenotype) and a Sour Dubb (Sour Diesel

Looking at something called Photon Torpedo today. Cultivar Info Now that I look back to what I wrote previously, I was fairly certain this was a Blue Dream or Blueberry, enough to go out on a limb to say so in the

CUltivar Info This is Big Sleepy Gorilla, another cultivar I cannot track via the name.   Cannabinoid Content This was entered into the CBD dominant category, it tested at 16% CBD, with a negligible amount of THC. Total cannabinoid content differed by half percent

After a quick check, there's no info on 'Glueberry's Baby'. Dutch Passion has a Glueberry OG, a OG Kush, Gorilla Glue #4, Blueberry cross. My best guess on the cultivar we review today would be a Glueberry incross, or Glueberry

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