Here we go again with White Widow. By now I can recite the Leafly description off by heart: White Widow is a mix of Brazilian Indica and Thai landraces, or something to that effect. Guess I called this a GSC or Ice Cream

Quick review here today. My data for this entry lacks both the name and cannabinoid content. Guess I called this a Girl Scout Cookies. Not a very precise guess, at the time of writing there are more variations of Girl Scout Cookies

Sour Kush today. This is Reserva Privada, later DNA Genetics, later still, available via many copies; some synonymous, some not. Some in the latter category are arguably better. Is that what we have here? No idea. Guess I guessed this was a

We're looking at Monzanto, bred by World's Strongest Strains. Grown by @danobookem, this one blew me away personally, but I didn't really know of WSS or Monzanto. So I had to look into it. Special thanks to Eamon Cyr, who was

Violator, or Violator Kush, one of my most beloved cannabis plants.  I first encountered this cultivar at Cannabis Culture in Toronto, 2017. I purchased a single gram for $12, and had a great time with it, while taking in the Toronto

I have a few reviews on this web site where I've scoffed at Hash Plant, like some pearl-clutching down-looker. There are a few Hash Plants I think are cool. Mostly you see them hybridized with names in the current trend

Doing Early Vixin today, this is Crop King seeds. And, pretty sure this entry was from the same grower who won the balanced category for Cali-O. Described as an easy to grow plant, Crop King has since discontinued Early Vixin. They

Today we look at a Hempfest 2019 entry called THC Bomb. This is my first experience with the cultivar, before this review it had never been on my radar. This bomb was bred by Bomb seeds, story checks out so far. Now

If you were to ask me who bred Super Silver Haze in casual conversation, I'd tell you it was Green House Seeds. But with a quick search, I can find 17 breeders offering something called Super Silver Haze, and I'd

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