Doing Early Vixin today, this is Crop King seeds. And, pretty sure this entry was from the same grower who won the balanced category for Cali-O. Described as an easy to grow plant, Crop King has since discontinued Early Vixin. They

Today we look at a Hempfest 2019 entry called THC Bomb. This is my first experience with the cultivar, before this review it had never been on my radar. This bomb was bred by Bomb seeds, story checks out so far. Now

If you were to ask me who bred Super Silver Haze in casual conversation, I'd tell you it was Green House Seeds. But with a quick search, I can find 17 breeders offering something called Super Silver Haze, and I'd

Looking at Passion Fruit today, this is Dutch Passion. Background for this cultivar stems from a Sweet Pink Grapefruit and and Orange Bud. Cannabinoid Content You're looking at the contest winner for THC content here.  36% total cannabinoids, 35% was THC. I'd done about 250

This was a memorable review. Mostly for the character of the flower, and the deficit in magnitude of olfaction. Great composition, just needed the volume turned up a bit. By name you can likely identify it as a Pink Kush, Rockstar cross.

I'm not familiar with Blue Cush. As a self described scholar of traditional cannabis nomenclature, or strain names, I think there's a resonable expectation that this is a Green Crack x Blueberry. And via the aforementioned scholarly research (googling "Blue Cush" +

Today we look at an unnamed cultivar. I just kept the name the Hempfest admins gave it; 4498, or two shy of 4500, depending on your level of optimism. Cannabinoid Content This isn't an underdog story. Two shy didn't place for content

Short review today. This is a Hempfest 2019 entrant, didn't place, I rated it average and it doesn't appear to have cannabinoid testing. Guess on Cultivar This is the only one that I was able to guess blindly. Don't pat me on the

Best part of being a judge in this contest was seeing the community. After the awards, I'm saying my goodbyes and was stopped by a gentleman who just won the best 1:1 category, which is the flower you'll see in

I must admit, I've never been caught up in the hype of Gorilla Glue. Let's see what we are missing. Lineage Apparently, this cross started with accidental pollination between a intersexed Chem's Sister (early Chemdawg phenotype) and a Sour Dubb (Sour Diesel

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