Today we review another dried flower cannabis product from Organigram, before it is returned to the vendor it was purchased from.

Before we get into the review, we have a guest correspondent on the show today with some pertinent information to all cannabis reviews, positive or negative, including this one. We go to Winnipeg now, to speak with Doug… … Hi Doug, thanks for joining us on, please go ahead, we’ll turn it over to you.

Great message Doug, thanks for the compliment, didn’t know you were going to say that. But you’re right, there is a large amount of variation in cannabis, even within a single plant. Consumers would be wise to read some reviews and then do the research themselves, this writing is restricted to the container I received. Thanks for being our guest today, and bringing the insight. And, thanks to everyone following along who still has an imagination, sorry, the fun part is over.

Buckle up, this review is written in my boring NPR tone. My Organigram reviews are more of a written autopsy. Beyond the condition of the product, there is nothing worth highlighting here. For those not needing every gritty detail of my observations, just read the bolded text and look at the pictures.

Let’s get into this review.

This is Mongoloian. At a glance, it’s another quick flowering indica.

Like the previous Organigram product we reviewed, this flower was inspected in a light box and photographed using a macro lens. The seeds are visible to the naked eye. Once I noticed them, I posted pictures of the bud’s surface to my twitter account. The container was placed aside for further dissection.

The structure of this Mongolian is/was fairly robust. The 1 gram contents came in two buds with some shake, both buds look pretty good at quick glance, from afar. Up close, the seeds are prominent, they are noticeable right away. Both buds are affected similarly. The seeds are barely 1mm in diameter but are very numerous, there may be up to 50 seeds inside the 1 gram portion that I received.

The Mongolian flower is very dry and brittle. Wearing nitrile gloves, I crumbled this dried flower with my fingers and tried to separate the seeds from the flower material using tweezers. I gave up after 28 minutes and was not successful in removing the entire amount of seeds.

Once fully pulverized, the cannabis flower was scattered and photographed again, screen clips were posted to twitter (which is the gruesome one you probably saw). The flowers were received in full, but this is little consolation, I could have easily ground this up and used it. Organigram sells pre-rolls of both this Mongolian flower and the Lola Montes I had to return. I did not purchase pre-rolls in this review set, but I have some on order.

The seeds are so plentiful in this Mongolian, I will not use this cannabis. This is my 4th purchase of Organigram cannabis, 3 of which were either returned or recalled, including the one being reviewed today. My first was recalled due to banned pesticides, but I had used it before the recall was issued. The last cannabis I reviewed from this producer was returned to the vendor because of observable foreign growth. One gram of this Mongolian has more seeds than a watermelon. As per my experience with this producer, I’m not going to roll the dice here, seems like a low gain, high risk situation.

I’ve poured the contents of this package back in its container and have submitted pictures to the vendor. Within one purchase from the Alberta Cannabis website, two different 1 gram Organigram dried flower packages were found to be below my minimum standard for use. The vendor has said they will refund my previous Organigram purchase. They will return it to the producer for evaluation and Organigram should be better for it. This is the legal system working. I feel positively about legalization in Canada. As a lover of cannabis, it has given me more choice, and as a member of society, it has reduced the stigma I reflect on myself. I prompt others to discover a similar avenue within themselves.

Anyways, there you have it. Casa Blanca from Organigram, boring out new lows within the tasteless crust, of the otherwise beautiful layer cake, that is Canada’s cannabis market.

Thanks again to Doug for his guest appearance all the way from Winnipeg. Readers of this review, thanks for making it to the end. I hope that you can use my words to your own advantage because you alone, the consumer, cast your votes with your dollars. I wish you the best in your choices.

PS: Below, I’ve included a video of the procedure described above. About half the seeds contained in this 1 gram package of Organigram cannabis were removed within that time. The video was originally 28 minutes long, but I’ve increased the speed to about 1 minute.

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