Hey, looking at a Strain Rec today.

Strain Rec; sounds the short form an emergency room doctor would chart for a patient who spent the night eating ghost pepper hot wings, but this is actually a cannabis brand.

And we’re reviewing Candy Kush, a recognizable name in cannabis.


The package I purchased was comprised of smaller buds. Not a selling point, nor a deal breaker, but it is the most notable feature of this review. 

Price was alright. Good in the spectrum of my purchases from the vendor, but not really that good overall.

I’d call everything else in the mid-range. Tasted better than it looked, and the profile is likeable, but nothing going on that you’d complain, or cheer about.


I didn’t bother listing a lineage for this one. Kandy Kush is available under the DNA umbrella (Reserva Privada), an OG Kush, Trainwreck cross.

There’s also a bunch of breeders with a Candy Kush with the same lineage. For the OG Kush parent, that could refer to a number of popular plants, but people seem to like only one Trainwreck (from Arcata). That’s about as close as I can get, unfortunately. 

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