Taking a look at Thug Pug’s Sherb Breath today, through a home grow by Canadian grower @cannalukey

Thanks to them for providing the cannabis. Two phenotypes were gifted, so we’re going to look at each separately.

By my measure, Thug Pug is a really popular breeder right now. Their logo is a dog wearing a hat, which is surely responsible for a significant amount of their popularity, but I’d hazard to say that their weed is actually really good too. Let’s take a look at the parents of this cross.


Sherb Breath is a cross of Sherbinski’s Sunset Sherbert, and Thug Pug’s male selection of Gage Green’s Mendo Breath, that they call Studly Spewright.

For the most part, I’ve found Thug Pug offerings follow this nomenclature; those with a -breath suffix have this Studly Spewright male involved. So that’s your Peanut Butter Breath, Meat Breath… all the Thug Pug -Breaths have this same spew.

Phenotype #1

The flowers wear comforting colours; green and violet, softened by the trichome coverage. Stigmas are observable but not as prominent as the other features. Shape is long and slender, but the curves are rounded out.


Flowers have a fresh feel, still new, very workable. Grinds into fluffy pile, that can be pinched into a cohesive pack.


Frontage on the scent is powdery sweet and soft pine. The rear of the profile is overpowering, vaporous solvent and gasoline essence— after a few sniffs it’s all you can smell.


Frontage on the taste is dirty roses, with a steep drop off through sweet soapy pine, into slightly berried earths that keep the pine influence. The entire composition seems phased, with rough transitions. Character is dominated by heavy sweets at first. With use, the profile fades to a pine resonance.

Phenotype #2

If the previous phenotype was long and slender, these flowers are more short, and round. Where phenotype 1 was rounded, the larger flower seems bulbous. Colouring appears richer here too, I’d argue. The tone is darker, the violets appearing more saturated, and lacking the vibrant green of the first phenotype. 


Soft, and sumptuous on this one. Appears more dense than it actually feels, there’s a ton of give and the bounce back is slow, but near complete.


Scents seems less sweet with a more forceful ramp up into the petrols. Frontage seems to have more earthy vanilla and tart fruit, but the oily fuels steal the show, filling the sinus deeply.


Tastes on this phenotype seem more uniform in comparison. Soapy pine with punchy tarts softened by sweet vanilla. With use, the soapy tart mixture blares over the other constituents in the profile, never dampening in its frequency.


Big thanks to @cannalukey for gifting the cannabis for this grow.

I wrote the qualitative notes a few weeks back, now that I’m finishing up the review, I remember the olfactory character like a laundromat nightmare. The mix of fuel with soapy florals and powers creates a sticky memory; and the composition of taste definitely rode the line of pleasurable intensity. Another good example of a flavour profile made more alluring by its slightly abusive facets.

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