Looking at Canaca’s Glue today. I’d expect we are supposed to associate with Gorilla Glue; or one of the phenotypes. 


Visuals are poor. Size and development varies throughout. I received two medium sized buds with a collection of scant lowers.

Trim is poor with prominent stem. Some buds have leaf left that appears yellow and brown.

Development is poor, sparse growth and exposed internal stem throughout.


Feel is acceptable throughout. The larger buds withstand decent compression, with some return. Smaller buds have malleable feel.


Scent of the unground flowers are near imperceptible. Grinding the flowers yields weaker pine and warmer earths. Projection, presence, pungency; all the P’s are low in magnitude. 


Tastes are uniform and well blended; pine, sandy woods and friendly earths. Far too ambiguous to characterize, but is present. The profile is accompanied by a floral leave, that is just as noticeable as the flavours.


This was a discounted item at Lake City Cannabis. Price was $5 per gram, or $17.50 for the 3.5 gram package. You know me, I’m happy to troll the bottom of the barrel for value offerings, but this wasn’t it. You get better rates from those $15.00 3.5g offerings from Delta-9.


Canaca Glue, the flavours were perceptible, I couldn’t get past how bad this looked. Oh, I still used (some of) it, but only due to lack of self-respect; another person might’ve just thrown it out.

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