Today we review Tilray’s Citrus Tangerine, sold under their brand Canaca.

Motivator for this buy was price. This was on discount at Lake City Cannabis. The price at the independent store was less than the same offering from the provincial monopoly.


Visuals are strictly poor. Size and structure are displeasing; all buds are small lowers. Some calyces are well developed on buds that appear to have higher density. 

Trim is poor throughout. Multiple stems that are larger than the bud itself. 

Standard colouring, some areas of discolouring. Coverage is sparse.


Although the buds are all the same size and shape, some are dense while others lack density. Dense buds compress but don’t destruct, they appear to have some inner moisture content. The less dense buds will deconstruct under light pressure. 


Frontage on the scents are musty and dusty, with slight sweet edges. Projection is underwhelming. 

Grinding the flower releases a sharper citrus aspect, but nothing that is able to surpass the musty frontage.


Are dusty with a citrus-ish leave, hard to tell. Underwhelming in the mix of flavours and the amount of them. The mustiness seems to relent after a few passes with the vaporizer, but it’s a hard road out.


Price was $5 per gram or $17.50 for a 3.5 gram package, on discount at Lake City Cannabis. Our provincial online store, Alberta Cannabis, also had this on discount, but it was cheaper at Lake City. 

With the character of the flavour, it’s difficult to find value at any price. There’s not much argument I can offer here. For those wanting quality, you’re not even looking at this. For those wanting value, Delta 9 has better quality for less money. Die hards for citrus tastes are better satisfied elsewhere. This gets you high, which is about the only good thing I can mention here.


Canaca Citrus Tangerine, swing and a miss. The lack of quality was more than enough to negate the break in price. That’s the long and the short of it.

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