Best part of being a judge in this contest was seeing the community. After the awards, I’m saying my goodbyes and was stopped by a gentleman who just won the best 1:1 category, which is the flower you’ll see in this review. We chatted briefly and he left me with some of his Early Vixen flower, which was really kind of him. It was one of several exchanges that made me realize the value of the event came from the community, just as much as it did from cannabis or the competition.¬†At the time of writing, Hempfest has supposedly secured an event space that allows for cannabis consumption for the next cup. Which I think will enhance the community aspect, and may also change the nature of the contest.

Anyways, on with this review, we’re looking at Cali-O here. There’s a legal offering of Cali-O, sold by Kiwi, this one is better.

CAnnabinoid Content

This won in the balanced category, it came out nearly an exact 1:1. Overall content is about average from a balanced cultivar, as I observe it in the medical market.

Guess on Cultivar

I thought this was a Blue Dream, which is a bit like hitting the next fairway off the tee. It’s a bad guess, worse than my golf analogy suggests. But I’ll quickly deflect and mention Humboldt Seed Organization has a 1:1 Blue Dream, which includes Cali-O in the parental lineage. Nothing to do with this contest or the reason for the bad guess, just an interesting thing to note.

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