Hey pancakenap here, doing Cali’s Big Budda Cheese. Producer on this one is SESS Holdings.

I like this cultivar because I think the Afghani influence subdues the harsher elements of the Cheese profile. Which is pretty much what I wrote in this previous review of Big Buddha Cheese purchased from a legacy vendor. Both versions are poor in the visual column, and seem to suffer from containing tens of small, poorly developed seeds Squid Pants once called proto-seeds, so I’ve adopted the term.


Visuals are bad. Surface detail is scantly developed. Numerous proto-seeds throughout the buds.


Feel is just okay. Kept the Integra pack in the container but still got crispier over a few days.


Scent is prominent; funky cheese. Has a sharp body with soft edges. I find it friendly and fuzzy but character is obtrusive.


Taste is smooth myrcene occluded be a series of herbs, some spicy garlic, some citrus, some mentholated. Leaves a clean feeling across the palate, like chlorophyll.


Still a $7 gram, depending on how you view the quality, you could find value here, but I didn’t. Price was 15% below average. Quality isn’t anything worth seeking. Value comes out to be ‘somewhat poor’ which I’d relay is pretty accurate.


Pretty good tastes, embarrassing looks. I’d skip it. There’s better value for money out there.

Consumer Benefits

Nice funky cheese that stays in a friendly realm. Price seems attractive.

Seems less expensive compared to the competition.

Consumer Pain Points

Visuals look like the plant was struggling towards the end.

Lack of quality may go unnoticed, or is overshadowed by the aromatic qualities.

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