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We have Cake today. This is Habitat. Micro licence. And this is grown using aquaponics. If you’d like to read more about the method, check out this article I wrote for StratCann.

Background Info

I vape, but I don’t often smoke. So as far as stringency of criteria goes, I’m a bit lax in the distribution of reviewers. For this review, I smoked this cannabis as well, and I’ve included those observations below. When I set out to write it, I thought it would be mostly about smoking. Instead, the major issue became about bud size, and perception of value.

Prior to acquiring this cannabis, I was aware of a couple things. Firstly, I’ve spoken to the producer of this cannabis about how it was grown. Secondly, from social media, I had some awareness of the product’s sizing, which I’d generally describe as adequate, to disappointing, without much variance in between.

I’d reflect the bottle I purchased arrived with disappointing sized buds, which makes this review more interesting.


Cake is an in house creation at Habitat, they list the lineage and I’ve assumed the breeders, so I’ll say this is likely Archive’s Do-Si-Dos with Ethos Mandarin Sunset. We’ve discussed Do-Si-Dos before. Mandarin Sunset is a Herijuana with an Orange Skunk; no Sunset Sherbet here.   


Size isn’t the most appreciable aspect of this cannabis, it’s underwhelming at first. You really have to look up close to the detail of the flower to begin to look past the initial impression. 

Trim was good, I found a few instances of trim left on the smaller buds. Because the trim was so good, I find it hard to explain the shake/trim leaf in the bottom, unless it was just sprinkled on top to make weight. 

I’d relate a third, to half the cannabis in this container were  buds below acceptable size. How you’ll feel about it depends on preference and price points. Based on my container, I’d say if you want to feel bad about it, there’s room to do so. At the price I paid (~$9/g), I think I can get over it.


Scents are sweet vanillas, nearly candied. I’d say its closer to icing sugar than it is cake but we’re certainly into the dessert section of the bakery. The base of the profile is earthly with a touch of funk to it, although not enough to get away from the sweet, candied feel.


Frontage on the flavours hit flat initially, with lavender upon shallow citrus. The midrange of the profile interprets sweet and earthy with subtle fuels; coupled with the base citrus notes, easily reminiscent of baked goods. The topside of the profile is floral, with a soapy eucalyptus aspect that seems to open the sinus slightly. With use, the profile becomes soft and floral, with slight pine, like clean laundry.


Slight notes of vanilla and citrus, becoming more prevalent as I get into the 1st cm of the joint. Lingering notes of citrus and candied orange in the sinus. A ring of resin behind the burning cherry is noticeable. With use, the joint becomes rich and earthy while maintaining its sweet aspects. In the final quarter, I can not take a drag for 45 seconds and it’s still burning.

Apart from the notes above, I don’t have any major discussion here, just three observations I’d like to note. One, this smoked pleasantly, while still observing all the negative aspects that has me avoiding smoking in the first place. Two, the profile is subdued when smoking, the vaporizer gives a better depth of taste. Three, the effect is more pronounced when smoking.


I had a really good time with the flower in this container. Thought the flavour profile builds on the popular cookie, citrus tastes and the lavender frontage with the soap finish made it feel unique. Didn’t mind smoking it, thought the performance was good, but with a muted profile. The size and shake compromises value slightly, even still, I’d regard this at good value in the $9 price segment.


I purchased this product with a 25% new patient discount, I suspect I would have felt worse about the size at full price. In the high  $12 per gram price points, in this package size (3.5g), bud size shouldn’t be a compromise you’d consider.  While bud size likely had little effect on the overall value of this cannabis, I found it hard to shake the initial impression this makes.

Most of the measurable dimensions of this product, sensory or otherwise, were very good. Size mars the memory of value, more than it did the actual experience. To fully realize the value of this cannabis, you need a macro lens, a positive attitude and a good vaporizer. So, while I don’t argue size killed this review, I certainly see the potential that it could; it is a blemish, regardless of how much weight you put on it.

In terms of overall attractiveness, Cake is still worth seeing once, at the first-time buyer price I paid. Cool growing method, unique genetics, tastes within (what I’d tell you is) the current trend, with a unique twist. Again, check out the StratCann article for peripheral information on this offering, which is not included in the scope of this review.


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