Today we look at Cactus Breath.

The vendor calls these genetics ‘ultra rare‘, I probably agree.

Cactus Breath is bred by Thug Pug, a brand of genetics from the US, which is steadily gaining popularity. I find this cross particularly interesting because it’s an instance of a US breeder working with a Canadian offering.

Cactus Breath is a cross of Mendo Breath and Cactus. Cactus is an Afghani, Northern Lights cross, you don’t see it too often. I can trace Cactus to Jordan of the Islands. Mendo Breath is a Gage Green Group creation, and Thug Pug uses their unique phenotype dubbed Studly Spewright to create their Cactus Breath cross.

The vendor on this one is Kootenay Craft. This is untested cannabis, or ‘trust me’ cannabis. Which is easy to do because it looks so good. In all seriousness, the fact that I cannot certify the safety of this cannabis detracts from value offered here. Check the video below, the vendor claims 26%+ THC for this cultivar. While possible, very few offerings actually achieve these numbers, it’s basic prudence to back this type of claim with a 3rd party.

The greatest gift that legalization has brought to Canadian cannabis consumers is the promise of tested product, and all vendors selling cannabis should be aware the bar has been raised. It’s like throwing a black tie dinner party at your house, and then cooking dinner buck naked in front of your guests. There is an expectation here, and it’s hard to enjoy something that suffers from this one critical error.

Visuals are about top notch. The bud is paled by opaque crystal, contrasted by deep violet hues. We get some interesting fox tailing on the larger buds. Plainly, it’s a beauty.

No complaints on moisture content, I found it was ideal when it arrived. I’ve taken about a month to write the review, and the remaining bud is now a bit drier, I can scrape away the surface laterally. Pressure applied perpendicular to the surface yields firm pushback, the bud still has some internal moisture.

The grinds look good, with the white opacity of the trichomes following through to the grinds. I can find a few premature seeds ~1mm in diameter, regardless, they look good.

Scent of these flowers are earthy and smooth, chalked with sweets tones hinting towards deep amaretto bitters. The bottom of the profile showcases some low frequency spices, coupled with the sweets, it brings aspects of chocolate to the character.

Heat adds gritty pine to the earth tones and amplifies the spices, giving them reach towards the high side of the profile. The pine note is blended with an subtle garble of grace notes that suggest an OG character. The flavours occupy a short space on the palate but are rugged where present, with a certain rumble. With that being said, character here is no way offensive, and capable of captivating a wide audience.

Pronunciation is wonderful and the dynamic character creates an interesting narrative. Longevity is great, with each section having it’s own allure. Fantastic.

The vendor lists a quarter ounce of Cactus Breath for $81.00, that’s $11.57 per gram. You could see this multiple ways. In BC, the average price for Broken Coast (BC) is comparative to this price point, plus the product is tested. BC quality is similar, the genetics aren’t as chic, but now we’re splitting heirs. This argument only works in BC for BC, similar value isn’t promised or available elsewhere. The Whistler and WeGrowBC (Qwest) product is priced near double (~$17-20 per gram), I anticipate a difficult time deriving value at that price point, but well see.

We’ll forego the price graph for this one. However you section the market, an $80 quarter is priced above average, but not far. Again, it depends what features you place value on. Those valuing testing over an intangible like ‘trendy genetics’ may not see value here. Thug Pug fans comfortable risking their freedom and maybe, health, will probably love this (I certainly did).

Ideally, consumer types would be able to legally purchase a tested batch of this flower, and a producer could purchase the Cactus Breath, or any of Thug Pug’s genetics, but we’re not quite there yet. Whether you’re a proponent of legalization or not, I think you’ll still agree, consumers should have access to fairly priced, tested cannabis. While I look forward to an open market with greater genetic ability, I’d rather have a market where a vendor wouldn’t consider listing untested product.

Anyways, my compliments to the grower of this Cactus Breath, it certainly shows well.

Thanks for reading my work.

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