Doing an illicit Bubba Kush today, this one is from AC Medical.

Bubba Kush is part of OG Kush’s inbreeding line. Essentially, it’s an OG Kush incross with notable great grandparents. I’ve drawn the lineage for you. It becomes apparent that knowing this cultivar really means knowing about West Coast Dawg and Old World Kush.

West Coast Dawg, is said to be a Chemdawg backcross with an unknown Humboldt county indica created by Chem Dog. The backcross is said to have indica morphology with the character of the original Chemdawg.

Best I can find on the Old World Kush is it’s a Hindu Kush landrace but there are some suggestions it may also be a Pakistani Chitral Kush. The lore of this cross says an Old World Kush male was crossed to the West Coast Dog female. Subsequently, a male from this progeny was used to pollenate an OG Kush, which lead to the original Bubba Kush.

So, with that being said, there are a ton of other crosses called ‘Bubba Kush’. This is a good place to know the breeder or terpene profile. Here’s an example of one with different lineage.

Crop King Seeds Bubba Kush

And again, here is the description from the vendor of the Bubba Kush we review today. They note the inclusion of Northern Lights and leave out West Coast Dawg.

AC Medical Bubba Kush

To make this more confusing, Bubba Kush also has a few legendary phenotypes, like Katsu and Pre-98, with their own respective flavour profiles.

I have no answer for you, no rule of thumb to cut throughout the confusion. If you’re buying Bubba Kush, widen your expectations, it may be quite different than your previous Bubba Kush experience.

Now that we know what we don’t know, let’s proceed into this review of Bubba Kush.

Visuals are positively standard. Some of these buds remind me of miniature versions of 7ACRES buds. Structure and shape are intact, buds are compact and spherical. The trim is good, these buds seem well manicured.

Tactile stimuli is average, buds seem dried appropriately but density is so good they are hard to crush by hand. There is no internal give here, instead the buds seem rock hard.

Here are the grinds, I don’t have a comment either way.

Scents are bi-polar with low lying earths, heavy with sweet notes, and pungent fuels, fluid, in gaseous nature. I think the Afghani notes are event in the profile, making the character slightly more friendly than its aggressive predecessors.

This particular Bubba Kush showcases its earth notes when heat is added with the vaporizer. The sweets provide graceful secondary notes above rich, rolling earths. There seems to be an integration of the earths and the fuel notes, giving the earth notes that occupy the profile a biting edge. I’m fairly underwhelmed by this, I’d generously call it a modified Afghani.

Price per single gram was $9, it’s the lower price point this store has for this package size (AC Medical). For the lacking character alone, I’d recommend spending money elsewhere. This one was barely there, but still, not poor enough that I have to stick around to harp on it.

I‘m not sure if you can get Bubba Kush in the legal markets, I’ve checked. I know Whister, Tilray and Aphria has grown a one in the medical market, but I’m not sure if I’ve seen one listed in the recreational markets, although it may have been renamed to Airplane Anthropologist or Funicular Physicist.

Grow your own. Bubba Kush yields heavy in a short period of time. Tweed used to sell seeds of their version to medical patients, but I couldn’t find a listing at the time of writing. If I were to grow a one, I’d look at the Humboldt Seed Organization or Dinafem versions (Dinafem owns HSO). There are several to choose from, Dinafem stocks both an auto-flowering and CBD variant. HSO also has a reworked versions called Bubba Kush 2.0 that supposedly flowers in a short 45 day period.

Alight, we learned pretty much nothing here today. Keep in mind the lineage (or lack thereof) when you approach a Bubba Kush. Helps the know the breeder, helps even more to know the terpene profile. Good luck everybody.

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