One day I walk into the internet domain store and say to the clerk, “give me something that’s easy to remember and rhymes with crap”. Welcome to pancakenap.


We’re reviewing Bruce Banner today. A strawberry sour kush or perhaps earlier, a lyric from Dr. Dre’s Chronic 2001 album, Bruce Banner is the more often known as mild mannered gentleman that coverts to the Hulk when something makes him angry.

Originally bred by Dark Horse Genetics,  Bruce Banner is typically a cross of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush, and it’s the inclusion of strawberry cough on the diesel side of the parental lineage that differentiates it from the tastes offered by a sour kush. I’d argue it’s likeable and familiar.

We review the Elev8 version of Bruce Banner here. There are many banners available, I count about 25.  They go by the names Bruce Banner OG, Bruce Banner #3 and just regular old Bruce Banner. I’m not really sure if all the lineages are the same, but considering the different phenotypes of OG Kush and Sour Diesel that are ‘realized’, this is a good place to be more relaxed on the lineage.

This particular entry was grown by WaterTekHydro, the same folks that did the Dreamsmasher Haze. Putting it plainly, it makes high marks in every category, beyond satisfactory everywhere.

Cannabinoid Content

Total content of this cultivar is over 30% above the contest average of 18%. Came in at ~25%, which puts it on the upper edge if I compare it to what’s being posted in the legal markets. 



The rankings from all judges were tallied and the entry with the highest score was awarded the ‘judges favourite’, which this Bruce Banner won. It terms of my scope, I ranked it tied for 2nd highest of all the entries I reviewed, with a one point difference from the top spot. 


Guess on Cultivar

I didn’t make a guess on this one. Surely because I was incapacitated from my encounter with the Hulk. If I were to place a guess, I probably wouldn’t have a gone for a name that carries the significant possibility of spawning a lawsuit from Disney.


Check out the formal review, I was hardest on the visuals but the profile was enough to knock it out of the park, and into the parking lot.

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