We’ve done Ruxton a few times on this website. This is Broken Coast, something called Sour OG.

I haven’t been able to track this Sour OG to a breeder with any confidence; I’ve just been happy to accept it for what it is.

You might have notice the rougher visuals when you clicked into this review. Having used this product, I can tell you longevity in taste suffers more. You can get over the visuals; intensity in taste is there, it just doesn’t stick around.

Anyways, let’s get ‘er done. 


Visuals ride the line of being poor. Size and development are disappointing, the smaller buds show good development but are trimmed poorly. Multiple instances of poor trim, petiole and stamens are visible throughout.


The feel is pleasing. Despite the poor bud size the moist content is observable when the buds bounce back from a compressive force.


Scents of this flower are aggressive; with bright citrus and high strung fuel notes. The midrange of the profile contains chemical skunks, occluded by brash pine and stinging citrus.


Frontage of the flavours are a flurry of citrus resting above a volatile fuel and pine mixture. The bottom of the profile screams with metallic chem; more reminiscent of a full bore Chem 91 than a OG balanced with Hindu Kush earths. Projection is an onslaught, the citrus character penetrating deep into the sinus.


Price on this five gram container of Ruxton was $65, or $12.58 per gram. Overall quality isn’t what you’d expect from Broken Coast. The compromises in visuals are easy to discern, both development and size were below standard. I’d imagine olfaction suffered similarly, that’s harder to measure; this Ruxton didn’t have the power or longevity of my previous experience with it. Not up to par with the Ruxton I’m familiar with, it’s hard to relate good value here.


Broken Coast Ruxton, this container lacked the top end features that I associate with this offering, and expect at this price point. Pretty good for what looked like mostly lowers, still packs a punch, but at a price that hurts.

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