Pipe Dream 4

Pipe Dream

Doing Broken Coast Pipe Dream today, direct medical purchase.

Reviewed this one previously, as purchased from a recreational store, but I wasn’t a big fan of it.

Flavour Profiles

Do you know when you enter someone’s house? You take off your shoes, and you feel cold hard tile under your feet. Walking in, you might feel the metal Schluter that separates the tile from the hardwood, which feels a bit softer. Keep on walking in. Don’t worry about why the hardwood doesn’t extend to the door in this house; now we’ve arrived at the carpet, which is plush and feels very comfy on our feet.

I often think about flavor profiles similarly, where the top, middle, and bottom of the profile have different feels, and the character of the profile is made up, not just from the sum of their parts, but also the distance in between that is covered. And you can add other senses to this, like the scent, which brings another dimension to the picture.

So maybe an entertaining profile is like walking across cool dew on wet grass, then moving into something abrasive, like gravel before a comforting feel, like sand. And the character would be like walking to the beach on a cool morning. 

Or maybe the character is strange and transverses dimension; like a caustic scent, as if you’re walking through a garment factory, the smell of icy clove while walking across a lush field of green, which proceeds into a dark cave where aromatic flowers seem to grow. For those profiles, the character lives in a more abstract place, where you couldn’t necessarily relate it to something and do it enough justice.


Within this analogy, Coast Pipe Dream is like walking across a carpet made of nylon, then polyester carpet, and then back to nylon again. Its character is like fine-grit sandpaper; uniform, without much distance traveled between the peaks and valleys. 

Any description of its aroma I feel different about the next time I see it, but that’s inconsequential compared to how bland it is overall; doesn’t have enough transition to bring the emotion. These days, people want to love something that slaps; powerful enough to do you in, and raises the dead to bring you back. 

The good flavor expresses itself desperately; like late-night youth, spending their last dollar to buy their lover a drink. Coast Pipe Dream has potential, but is coy; it’s a question left unasked after the last song at the dance; it ain’t sweeping you off your feet.

That’s my feeling on Coast Pipe Dream, anyways, after seeing it twice. Same batch, sold by two different vendors.

Direct Medical vs Recreational Purchase

The real interesting part of this review is the difference in price and quality between the same batch of cannabis, which was sold both by the producer direct, and the recreational store.

Check back to my previous review of Coast Pipe Dream, it’s the same lot number, same content, same pack date. The direct medical offering was purchased after the recreational offering, so it is technically older.

The direct medical is also more expensive, regularly $12.58/g vs the same offering from a recreational store ($11.43/g).

On one of their rare sales, I got the cannabis for this review on sale at Broken Coast, the price was $10.24/g.


There’s a difference in quality, I’d tell you. The direct medical purchase tasted better. Particularly in the clarity of tastes, the direct medical version seemed cleaner. The difference was slight, so much though that I’d have to see them again side-by-side to qualify it.

But I am left seeing the value in paying the extra dollar per gram to buy direct.

Either way, I don’t think longevity is a strong point of the Coast Pipe Dream profile.


Going further than I probably should for this review, the difference between the two Coast Pipe Dreams could be a transport issue, storage issue, or both; at least that’s where I’d look first. The direct medical cannabis was stored at, and shipped by Broken Coast. Recreational cannabis changed hands more and was transported a greater distance, for a longer duration.

In store diligence

Perhaps this is just a long, wind-up for a corny joke, but I’d suggest there’s a level of due diligence a cannabis consumer can perform at the store at certain times; next time you’re shopping and the store receives a delivery, take a look.

Does the store owner help the delivery driver get the boxes into storage faster? Or are they sitting out in the sun while they unload?

Check out the storage room if you can. 

Is the storage room climate controlled?

Is everything where it should be? What’s on the floor? What’s on the shelf?

Is there proper ventilation in the room? Does it feel hot?

Is there A/C vented in near the ceiling, or just heat from the floor?

Is anyone else in the room? Are they looking?

Is there a large box you can hide in to wait until the store closes like you’re the Wet Bandits in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York?

These are all important questions, that could lead to better experiences, but at the very least you’ll appear like an educated consumer.

Thanks for reading!

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