Hey, pancakenap here with a write up about a blind review Squid Pants and I performed in early August 2021.



I used listing data to find products available in both Ontario, where Squid Pants reviews from, and Alberta, where I live. I’ve selected away from those I view as larger, commercial brands. I made a list of 10-12 offerings, or candidates. The list was sent to Squid Pants, who applied a blinding code to each of the candidates.


The list was then passed to an acquaintance of Squid Pants’, who made the selection, purchased the offering, and relayed the blinding code to my acquaintance, who purchased the same offering.


Retail packages from each of the offerings were held for later, and each batch of cannabis was placed in a jar by our respective acquaintances before they were delivered to Squid Pants and I for review.




Both Squid Pants and I opened and evaluated the cannabis on video call. We evaluated scent, taste, touch and looks; revealed the offering we are reviewing and the price paid.


Review Summary


The offering was revealed as Boaz Pizza Breath, a GMO cross with a plant of OG Kush, Zkittlez lineage. I’d guess this is actually Ethos’ GMO Zkittlez.


Stats varied between the packages, we ended up purchasing packages from two different lots. Although we identified a few good features, quality wasn’t preferred by either of us.



Shape was good between the two packages. My package had some interesting colouring. Trim was on the poor side. Surface detail was poor. We both found immature seeds throughout.



Squid Pants’ found a good feel with his package. I called mine on the edge of being dry.



Scent varied over both packages. Squid Pants’ package smelled of ‘earthy clay’, while I got a stronger ‘bad breath’ tone.



We both reported the taste as underwhelming. Squid Pants’ noted a ‘generic hot weed taste’, we both picked up on the earthy-pine nature of the profile and I noticed an old-garbage note that brought some contrast to the profile.



As this was a blind review, we both went down the list of 12 candidates to guess what product we were actually reviewing.


Squid Pants guessed Afghani Bull Rider, by BLLRDR, based on the earthy tone and an experience he had previously. I guessed GMO Cookiez by Melt, because I noted some familiarity with other GMO offerings I’ve had in the past.



Squid Pants’ reveals on the video that the price for his 3.5g package was $63, or $18.08 per gram. My 3.5g package was purchased for $45 or $12.85 per gram. 


Neither of us felt good about the value offered, and related that it would be difficult to recommend the product to anyone.



The crux of the qualitative scope is the taste, which was lacking and ambiguous —there wasn’t much separating this from the other retail GMO-type offerings in the market, although the lineage differs with some. Even so, I’d relate there wasn’t much to distinguish this version that includes Zkittlez and OG Kush.


With the ambiguity in taste it’s easy to compare this offering to more economical offerings, some of which have very similar lineages. Most notable to my experience, is the OMY offering of Kush Cookies, which is priced about 50% less. Moreover, there are big commercial offerings of GMO Cookies now that are priced about the same, closer to $20 per 3.5g.


Price Notes

Here we calculate the average price of Boaz Pizza Breath, from any package size, across all the stores we found it listed, and plot the variance from that average for each province. 

Based on listings found in 341 stores since it was first listed in May 2021, we estimate the average price of Boaz Pizza Breath over any of the package sizes offered (currently 3.5g and 7g packages) at $15.55 per gram.


The package I reviewed was purchased in Alberta, where we estimate the average price at $14.39 per gram. I paid slightly under the average, $13.04 per gram including tax.


The package Squid Pants reviewed was purchased in Ontario, where we estimate the average price at $15.67 per gram. Squid Pants paid substantially over the average, at $18.03 per gram including tax.


Sales Notes


We estimate sales of Pizza Breath account for 51% of Boaz’s sales of dried flower products in July of 2021. 


Including all comparable offerings (Kush Cookies, GMO, GMO Cookies, GMO Cookiez), we estimate Pizza Breath at 10% of market share in July 2021, down from 25% in May 2021. Despite the decrease in market share, we observe that sales numbers are increasing, as more stores list these products and the offerings garner more attention collectively.


Dominant offering in this section is Spinach GMO Cookies at an estimated 70% market share (July 2021). The OMY Kush Cookies I mentioned previously represents less than one percent of total market share for this group. The highest increase in month over month change in market share comes from Edison’s GMO Cookies.


Thanks for reading our first blind review, we’re looking to do more. Contact Squid Pants via Instagram, or me via Twitter with any comments or suggestions. 

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