Going over a review of another entry from TCLEWSI today. This is called BMG. Once again, this is a dual review by myself and Squid Pants. And I bring in some analysis of the respondent data at the top here.

First, the particulars on the contest ratings:

Review Protocol

For these reviews, I’ll be providing my own comments side by side with Squid Pants. We’ll show our respective rating for each entry, and how far it was from the contest average decided by all the judges.

Qualitative data for each entry is also shown summarized:

  • Combustion Rating – How well it burned on a 5 point scale
  • Potency Rating – How strong you thought it was on a 7 point scale
  • Longevity Rating – How long the effects lasted on a 7 point scale
  • Anxiety Rating – Amount of anxiety felt, 7 being the highest
  • Stimulation Rating – Sedative to stimulant on a 7 point scale

Squid Pants did the cross that led to this plant; the parents were Cinderella 99 and Pure Kush, both of which you can read about here because Squid Pants is an avid contributor to the home grown review section of this website.

Grow Info
  • BMG
  • BMG-1
  • BMG-2
  • BMG-3
BMG Contest Stats

BMG placed amongst the middle of the pack that placed above the average, but below the median of all entrants.

35% of judges that saw BMG used some type of vaporizer, the rest used a combustion method.

Squid Pant’s and my commentary follows, both of us gave this entry above average scores. With respect to this entry alone Squid Pants scored it higher than any other judge, and I was #3 in that spectrum.

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