Respectable in most categories, this Blueberry AK showcases subtle looks and flavours that kick like a mule.

Hey everyone, doing the Blueberry AK today.

By the name, I’d say we’re looking at a cross of Blueberry and a sativa leaning regional composition known as AK-47.

We’re really flexible on the approach here, the vendor gave little information on the cultivar and the name is fairly nondescript.

Somewhat spherical in shape, length is greater than width on these Blueberry AK buds, giving them a hybrid look with indica feel.

Visual appeal is above average, with the deep greens against the lighter trichomes; this bud has some good looks. The trim helps here, very little coverage across the face of each bud.

Density and moisture content are good for this AK. These have good squeeze with little crunch.

Grinds to a uniform mix of granules. The usual distribution of larger chunks and dust is minimal.

Again, we have a flurry of undeveloped seeds. I’d call it moderate but we’ll have Ken Burns take you down to the details.

Scent of this flower kicks in the same tones as a Columbian Gold, its subtly skunky but lashes out fiercely in a fruitier direction. My first impression has me taking a step back, this seems way more wild than I anticipated.

Flavours here ring out blue, while the skunk notes lay recoiled in the background. Some woods bring comfort to the base, but the majority of this profile feels like a rope-a-dope, coaxing blueberries on the outside, with killer gold skunks waiting on the inside. This has a friendly face but becomes aggressive quickly.

The profile lacks the intricacies of most hybrids. For example, a good OG Kush provides some twists and turns in its flavours, which is much more dynamic. I felt like this Blueberry AK was a shorter story, but its notes are better sustained. Less composition, more basic and fixated; but with the reliability and power of a steamroller.

The vendor doesn’t give a producer or breeding source for this one but I’m willing to bet the cultivar we’re reviewing today came from Jordan of the Islands. I checked on Seedfinder, there isn’t much available under ‘Blueberry AK’ (save for the aptly named ‘Moscow Blueberry’).

I know Jordan has a Blue AK-47, along with his God’s AK-47 it stands out in my mind for large yielding potential. If I were a producer looking for something unique to the market and high yielding, that doesn’t scream profit, this is where I might look first.

Blueberry AK (or Blue AK-47) also has potential for Canadian outdoor growers looking for sativa leaning tastes with a quicker flowering time. I grew a Colombian Gold last year, it spent the last trimester of flowering time inside because of the snow. With the Blue AK-47, I think you could have those ‘South American equatorial’ tastes, while mitigating the longer flowering time.

Not perfect, but this is one of the better offerings I’ve seen from this vendor. We just looked at their Zombie Kush, which was of similar quality to this. No testing from this outfit, which means we have little to analyze about this offering other than what is detectable by the senses. Which, I’ll mention again, leaves me somewhat unenthused.

I ended up with some respect for this cultivar, it reminded me of Colombian Gold. If you like that type flavour profile, this is probably worth a grow, but you might want to try a gram first to see if you find it worthwhile.

My read is its more of a daily driver than weekend exotic. We saw some nice things with this Blueberry AK, could be a good workhorse, but there’s nothing overly flashy going on here- which can be appealing in itself.

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