Today we review Blue Sapphire, the cannabis cultivar so nice they named it twice. Just kidding, you can get a Sapphire in other colors besides blue, you just have to pay more for them.


Jordan of the islands has a sativa-based cultivar called Blue Hawaiian, I often grow it in his cultivar called Hawaiian Lights, which is a compilation between the Blue Hawaiian and Northern Lights. Here we see it crossed to Jordan’s God Bud, which brings the composition towards the fruitier aspects of the flavor profile.


I had a really good experience with the performance of this offering; however, it wasn’t quite taken by the character of its flower.

Overall, I would be remised if I didn’t suggest it as an interesting composition, there is reason to be here. For those seeking this Blue Sapphire my follow-up recommendation to you would be to look for the Hawaiian lights as I think you’ll find it similar but a bit more versatile.


Anyways, I’m splitting heirs here. Thanks for joining me for today’s review of a very likable Blue Sapphire by Jordan of the Islands.

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