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Doing some illicit cannabis today, this one is called Blue Nuken and it was sold by AC Medical.

The story of this lineage starts with a Shishkaberry relative known as Kish, it’s either a Spice of Life Shishkaberry phenotype or a SOL Shishkaberry incross, I can find both suggested. Kish was created by a fellow called Cash Crop Ken, who crossed it to Jordan of the Islands God Bud to create a cultivar called Nuken.

Now, the offering we review today is called Blue Nuken, which the vendor notes is a cross of Nuken and Blueberry. I’m not sure of the actual breeder here, I was unable to find Blue Nuken seeds available. For what it’s worth, I can find attributions for both Kish and Nuken back to Cash Crop Ken, so this Blue Nuken could be as well, or not.

Visuals are acceptable. This one gram package came as one single bud, with little else to write home about. There is some trim left on the bud, but nothing consequential. Shape if full and round, slightly conical.

Density is good, I can pinch it with a great deal of force without breaking the single bud, and the original shape remains unchanged.

The scent of these flowers are rather unassuming, perhaps sweet, if anything. Once ground they reveal notes at cavernous depths. Character here is dark, subtly sweet and bellowing with reverberation.

Heat brings out dry wood tones that touch towards skunky pines before being submersed in the depths of the sweet berries. Although dark and large, the profile is cheery where it counts, making this cultivar seem friendly and rather comfortable. Surprisingly, a prominent skunk note appears with some use in the vaporizer. Pronunciation on this particular offering is lacking, it has a certain presence but nothing past standard.

This Blue Nuken was $10 per single gram, I’d call it lower on the value scale but, it’s comparable to the national average for retail cannabis. Olfaction was lacking slightly and visuals were acceptable. Most aspects of this purchase were reliably midrange, nothing overly good or bad happened here.

Let’s take a look at the average price per gram for this vendor. Use the filters at the top to change the graph by cultivar and package size listed.

Grow your own, but like I said above, I’m unable to find seeds for Blue Nuken, although I didn’t really look very hard. I can find (regular) Nuken available at seed banks in Canada, apparently it demonstrates tremendous hybrid vigour, trumping the height of its parents. I’d feel comfortable running a Nuken outside, one listing I can find notes this finishes in September. Indoors it runs 7 to 8 weeks. I can’t find a yield for Nuken, but I imagine this provides very well.

Nuken is also available legally, Whistler grows it for their medical patients. If you end up liking it, this is a really attractive place to grow your own because the plant yields so well, and it commands a relatively high price in the market (only one high priced provider grows it). Nuken is a Canadian classic, so I expect another producer to offer it but, for the time being, it’s much cheaper to grow your own than it is to buy retail, especially for this one.

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