We’re looking at Blue Dosi today by Kootenay Select Flowers, via Hill Side Farms.

Since I’ve written this review my memory of quality for this offering has faded quite quickly. I remember it as sickly sweet and not that interesting, I’m surprised I rated it as well as I did.

Looking back on the pictures I took the visuals are stunning, but my memory of the olfaction is that this was kind of a one trick pony.

Overall, I think the quality demonstrated with this offering was appreciable, the character of the cultivar came through loud and clear. I just wouldn’t relate to you it’s anything to get excited about, but that’s just me.  

I suppose from a genealogical standpoint you can give it extra points for being in the popular trend, but I didn’t find many other places to make up a case for value. Certainly, need to see once but unless you like the near desert like flavour profile, I’d be hesitant to say that there is much to come back for.

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