I’m not familiar with Blue Cush.

As a self described scholar of traditional cannabis nomenclature, or strain names, I think there’s a resonable expectation that this is a Green Crack x Blueberry.

And via the aforementioned scholarly research (googling “Blue Cush” + “Strain Name”) I’ve uncovered that this could be a Mephisto offering, and as such, it is likely an auto flower. The genealogy on Mephisto’s Blue Cush is an auto version of Green Crack and an auto version of Purple Indica, which is the cannabis my 15 year old self would have told you is worth paying $15 a gram for. 

Cultivar Guess

I called this a Super Silver Haze, or some landrace, noting the inclusion of a delectable note of urea. I stand by the guess, it’s not the worst I made during the contest. 



This Blue Cush ranked 10th when all the judges rankings were compiled. This contest didn’t separate auto flowers and photoperiod plants, so I wanted to note it placed here. Some might not expect that from an auto flower, but I’ve found them generally good.


Cannabinoid Content

With the above being said, there’s no content information for this entry, so if it’s low, we don’t know. 

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