DoobDasher’s Blue Blanca has a few good looks but lacks any character and is full of immature seeds.

Today we review Blue Blanca, an unknown cultivar that I can find at only one vendor.

Blue Blanca is a Blue Dream and a La Blanca, by Kannabia Seeds. La Blanca is a cross of Black Domina, Snow White and Great White Shark. You might remember Kannabia, we just looked at their Mataro Blue.

Morphology of these buds are sativa-like. Very jagged with observable fox tailing. Somewhat rugged with crusted edges. I wouldn’t call it visually appealing but its form does have a certain beauty.

By touch, this Blue Blanca boarders on premium. The flowers are soft and spongey, with crisp edges.

I see cannabis flower with varying concentrations of seeds, I am starting to notice differences in the grinds of those that are highly affected and those that are only moderately affected. Highly affected flower will produce chunky grinds bound to stem containing 5-10 small seeds.

This Blue Blanca is highly affected by seeds, tiny ones. Very numerous, every cubic millimetre of grinds contains several seeds.

Scent on this Blue Blanca is musty wood, its actually quite attractive. Lacks any blue type or berry note, so the profile interprets more towards the danker wood tones.

Flavours on the Blue Blanca are largely underwhelming. The largest presence in the profile comes from a bland skunk note, but other than that, this doesn’t yield much to describe. Reminds me of muted version of Tweed’s Plain Packaging Sativa or a highly reduced version of CannTrust’s Warlock, neither of which I would recommend.

The only information I can find on this cultivar is from the vendor’s webpage, I cannot find a single other listing for Blue Blanca in North America, which would be a cool notion, if the flower had better character.

Making an alternative recommendation is difficult because of the ambiguous flavour. You could probably just pick something at random and it would be better.

The vendor was DoobDasher for this one, it was one of their more expensive offerings ($6.57 per gram).

The only thing memorable about the Blue Blanca is the number of seeds it contains. It has marginally visual appeal but fails in every other category. This is similar quality to low end licensed produced cannabis, seedy and boring. Perhaps it comes with a discount in price, but this is little consolation.

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