Blood Orange by The Uphill Gardener

Today we look at Blood Orange, this is bred by Bhodi and grown by The Uphill Gardener.

Nifty genetics here. There’s a Chemdawg, Afghani cross called Tres Dawg, which was crossed to a Green Crack to create something called Appalachia. This Blood Orange is an Appalachia with a Cali-O cut called AE77.

By my eye, $9 single gram, quality more than lives up to the price point, trendy genetics. I couldn’t mention a legal offering that has all 3 of those attributes. Compared to average legal offerings, this Blood Orange is a superb deal. Realistically, it’s just a standard offering from the traditional market.

Quick little offside here, there’s also a Blood Orange phenotype of Tangie. This was isolated by Crockett and sold in limited edition packs. I speculate this is what MedReleaf has, which they call Rex, or Tangerine Dream. Crockett gives the lineage of Tangie as Cali-O x Skunk, so they’re’s a bit of overlap in the genealogy, but I feel like Bhodi gets more specific.

Leaving the review, my sentiments for this offering were high, it’s memorable. If I had to choose between Bhodi Blood Orange and DNA Blood Orange Tangie, I’d pick the Bhodi offering. In the review, I elude to my preference to Symbiotic’s Oragneade. Seems rather unappreciative in retrospect, both are excellent. 

Thanks for reading today’s review.

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