Today we review Blend 14 Pre-Roll by Canaca or High Park, better known as Tilray.

This is the 13th pre-roll review I’ve conducted. For those just joining these reviews, I don’t actually use this product, we’re going to open it up and photograph what’s inside. You can check back on previous pre-roll reviews here. If you choose not to, know that no review has gone very well so far.

I haven’t seen a pre-roll like this. Usually, I sift the contents in a filter box for about a week and weigh the separated contents. I didn’t see the point for this one, we can just look at what’s inside.

The pre-rolls were unboxed and contents of 1 pre-roll were removed from the paper into the sifter box. The empty pre-roll was used to check the weight of the remaining two pre-rolls, which were found to be accurate to the package size (0.5g per pre-roll).

The sifter box was shaken lightly before the contents were photographed. The remaining two pre-rolls were emptied into the sifter box and the contents were photographed again.

The seed shells observed within the contents of the pre-roll look fully developed and mature. Because of their size, they stick out proud from amongst the smaller particles contained in the pre-roll, nearly occulting the small amount of stem also contained.

Seeds in various levels of development are also present. The smaller darker coloured seeds can also be clearly seen in high number.

Apart from commenting that these are the largest seed shells I’ve ever seen in a pre-roll, I cannot quantify the level of severity seen here. I regard it as ‘worse’ than any other pre-roll I’ve reviewed, but readers can look back to previous pre-roll reviews to make their own determination.

Package price for this was $21.99 and total contents were 1.5 grams, which is $14.66 per gram. I consider that price expensive, compounded further by the poor quality seen here. I purchased this in Alberta from the online store. At the time of writing, it is the only online listing I can find for this product so I can’t show a comparative pricing graph for this listing (at this time).

I’ve reviewed pre-rolls from 7 producers so far, I wouldn’t recommend any of them. Best advice I can give at this point in the journey is: look to the places I have not yet looked. By my count, there are 25 producers listing pre-rolls nationally, so we haven’t even looked at a third yet.

I’ll leave you with the producers of the pre-rolls I have not reviewed yet: Whistler, We Grow BC, THC BioMed, Tantalus Labs, Solace (TerrAscend), Peace Naturals, Indiva, HEXO, Gage, Flowr, Eve & Co., Emerald, Canna Flower, Canna Farms, Canada’s Island Garden, Breathing Green Solutions, Biome and Beleave.

Good luck, everyone.

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